Best Paw Patrol Instagram Accounts

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She's super cool, plus has like 2000 followers! Her edits are the best and she's super sweet. I remember when I first met her. If she isn't number 1 on this list then it's trash
Good content, especially original. I wish she would do more music videos because the ones she posts every now and then are great

Their edits are different from the other accounts. She's into a galaxy like theme? It's pretty cool though. I definitely agree she's in the top 3.

One of my My best friends, and one of the nicest people I know. Her edits are incredible, n she's aamazingly talented.

She has a very good feed alignment and she makes very good edits!

2 @pawpatrol

Duh! Their the first paw patrol account and The official, but it's just pictures. They have a lot of followers. Definitely high up on this list

The original and greatest.

3 @pawpatrolrocky

Best Rocky by far. Good amount of followers agree with me on this, but some rocky's rank close

Their stories are super original. I love his rants and memes. He shouldn't ever stop.

Great edits and should be number 1 to be honest

The very best

4 @skyexchase

My best friend. Seriously. Most people probably wouldn't understand the old paw patrol fandom but she was the best there was. Her Skye acc is The most popular Skye in the fandom, + her overall account is set up and managed well. People need to realize how good of an editor and person she is. She's truly so nice. We talk on dm every two seconds it seems like, and sometimes it's hilarious, and other times we are dead serious. Meli If you are reading this I hope I put a smile on your face. You deserve it. Some think that rants make people broken, I enjoy your rants to the point that it's the reason why we are so close. Your edits are even better. You use different styles and themes than everyone else which makes it better. Everything about you is amazing, y'all deserve to be #1 on this list. Love ya Meli.

Lia really made me feel welcomed in this community. She was so nice to me when I only have like 10 followers which now I'm at like 10 followers again. Her and Ariel are my favorite two paw patrol accounts. � -

Seriously good editor, their really nice and have lots of followers

5 @paw_patrol_chase_

Literally the best chase, the admin is really nice and they have a lot of followers. Definitely high up on this list

They have the most followers, beside the official

6 @pawpatroltracker

Best tracker by far, good screenshots of him and so much more. Plus there's no crazy rants or anything

7 @official.zuma.paw.patrol

Best zuma, In my opinion, pretty cool and posts a good amount. I hate when people post once every 2 years, but it's worse if you post 6 times a day sheesh

Best zuma for sure

Best zuma agreed

8 @_paw.patrol_

They haven't been active lately, but their art IS SO GOOD! She's an amazing artist plus she's super kind. I wish she posted more though

Best art, I haven't seen them that much though

9 @paw.patrolling

She's really cool, first paw patrol account I ever actually talked too. I really love her edits and her account seems pretty original now, she's posted a couple of games, it's cool. ~ Nikkii

10 @allgoodpups

Most people here don't remember the fandom back in 2015, but it really was the best. Me and my two friends (Julian was one of them) were the 3 main accounts and we did rp and we were our own unique squad. He definitely changed the way people did memes, and his video editing Is outstanding. He was original, that's what makes him great. People today vote For all these Ariel clones. Let me tell you, Julian was the original Ariel clone😂 And that's why he's great. He also created ms.swag and so many other good jokes. You deserve a high place on This list Julian~ Ms.Swag

Low key amazing

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11 @chaseofficial8874

The admin is SO nice and always ready to help anyone and never picks up a fight! Posts some pretty good pictures as well!

Definitely deserves a lot of followers! ❤️

12 @ihatepawpatrol
13 @leader_of_the_pawpatrol

Coolest Ryder. Pretty much the only Ryder. Super lit though

Best Ryder everr!

14 @rocky_zuma

One of the best, I wish they were ranked higher though. They had original content and good posts plus the owner is amazing.

Really nice and quality posts, has my votes

15 @MarshallsNo1Fan
16 @paw.patrol_lover

Super nice, always cheers me up when I'm sad-Ariel

17 @Chase.patroller

Chase even though your down here doesn't mean you're the worst, you don't need to be the best to be awesome because in my beart you already are you have 227 wow that's cool followers since November! Your not the best chase but one of the best ones! and I'm glad! I love your account chase...and everyone does too

_from @lenixloud_ ( instagram account)

I love this account

18 @zuma.the.bean

They don't really post paw patrol, but damn they make my life better lmao

19 @arielsno1fan

"They're the number one fan account for the first one on this list"
"Makes decent edits"
"And is generous and kind to everyone and everything"

20 @someone-paw-patroller
21 Official_chase7

Well I met him on amino and he's super funny and very nice

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