Top Ten PBS Kids Characters We Wanna Punch In the Face

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1 Caillou (Caillou) Caillou (Caillou)

Caillou is already a villain.

He has a whiny voice, abuses his poor cat (by naming him Yogurt for starters), and whines constantly. How is he not the villain

He's a whiny little kid that doesn't deserve anything that's coming to him. If I were that cat I'd been outta there the next day.

I want to beat him and his whole dumb family up

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2 Super Why (Super Why!)


Questions to ask:
Why does this show even exist?
Why is the main character always questioning others?

FAKE Episode:
Someone: HELP! Super Why and his team are burning down my T.V.!
Super Why: Muahahaa! That's the end of your television screen! You'll only be seeing us, from now on!

We should punch him

Aka Whyatt. He is really really spoiled, because all he does is ask stupid questions like Dora and gets his friends to go in the book and ruin stories or whatever.

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3 D. W (Arthur)

The only bad character from an otherwise perfect show - Maddox121

Not anything semi

Poor Arthur he has a sister like her

I always loved the Arthur series but I could never stand D.W. It doesn't help that she never learns her lesson.
Most of the characters on this list don't deserve to be on here especially Jet and Arthur. While I wouldn't punch D.W, I would spank and scold her. She might not learn her lesson though.

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4 Peg (Peg + Cat)

PUNCH! Done!


5 Barney (Barney & Friends)

He Should Have Been Number 1 - Discord1

Honestly, I like daniel, arthur and peg, buti HATE barney.

On second thoughts I wanna kick that purple dinasour in the balls!


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6 Sid (Sid The Science Kid)

why? - Penguino

Sid is annoying. His jokes aren't funny, and the show has serious pacing issues. There are some shows that you can watch at any age. This isn't one of them.

7 Daniel (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)

Ugh, he's so annoying! He doesn't even know how to tie his shoes..

He should be number 1 on this list! Agreed. AGREED!

He should get punched


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8 Tinky Winky (Teletubbies) Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)

No he is cute, funny (tutu on his head). You fools always confuse Teletubbies with the Boohbahs and think the sun is one of the story people.

He's just plain creepy

9 Arthur Read (Arthur) Arthur Read (Arthur) Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur, created by Marc Brown.

Nicky ricky dicky and dawn should punch arthur

And then have all of them 😵

10 Fizzy (Fizzy's Lunch Lab)

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11 Becky (Wordgirl)
12 BJ (Barney & Friends) BJ (Barney & Friends)

That for 1992. And the 1997 for come soon Caillou.

13 Wonder Red (Super Why!)

Yeah no baby show characters allowed

It's pbs of course it's a baby show

14 Buster (Arthur)

Oh, not. That.

15 Riff (Barney & Friends)

People hate Barney because he's the main character of that train wreck excuse for a children's program, but if any of you remotely remember the show, you'd remember that while the rest of the characters were just SAPPY and cringeworthy. - errrr

16 Sun Baby (Teletubbies)

Uhh... You do realize that if you do punch a sun your fist would burn because it's so hot.

1. She was a baby. An adorable cute baby who giggled.
2. Jessica Smith who is now an adult.
3. So you want to punch her daughter who is the new baby, do you want me to tell her on Twitter. That you want to punch her.

You can't punch a sun!

17 Tree Fu Tom (Tree Fu Tom)

3 not pbs kids shows

18 Angelina (Angelina Ballerina)
19 Baby Bop (Barney & Friends) Baby Bop (Barney & Friends) Baby Bop is a minor character in the Backyard Gang video series and a main character in the Barney & Friends television show.

Baby Bop. NOW WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?!?!?! And the director just "had" to make her voice so high pitched that whoever was watching Barney with their television volume way up would end up with shattered Windows and hearing problems!

20 Boohbah (Boohbah)

No friend, Boohbah.

21 Ord (Dragon Tales)

He cried over a lost blanket

Ord is such a crybaby - Discord1

22 Buddy (Dinosaur Train)

Buddy isn't bad. Tiny should be puched!

He's honestly the LEAST annoying dinosaur kid on this show. But still he's annoying.
Still, why the heck are tiny and that other guy who always yells la la looo not above him!?

23 Thomas (Thomas & Friends)

If you mean Sharon Miller's Thomas maybe but Thomas was my childhood so take this off the list - myusernameisthis

We can't because he's a train. - Discord1

Guys its been around for 33 years and 2 commets this list is very unpopular

The show has, but not the list! Heck, this whole website hasn't, assuming you commented in 2015 or before, THE WHOLE INTERNET HASN'T! - errrr

24 Cat (Peg + Cat)

No animal abuse in the halls!

besides, he's the only good character in the show. - myusernameisthis

I don't want to animal abuse

NO! Cat never did anything bad! PEG on the other hand...

To the guy who said this was animal abuse:
CAT IS SO DUMB THAT THE POLICE WOULD SAY, "That's an animal? " and you can punch this peice of trash as much as you want

25 Dipsy (Teletubbies)

Literally all the teletubbies are on the list, we could have just made an entry that said teletubbies

He is dip-poop!

26 Richard (Peg + Cat)
27 Tiny (Dinosaur Train)

You’re going home and we are

Tiny sucks! I wanna kill her sooo bad!


28 Maya (Maya the Bee)

Not a P B S kids show

29 Gerald (Sid The Science Kid)
30 Gabriella (Sid The Science Kid)
31 May (Sid The Science Kid)
32 Elmo (Sesame Street) Elmo (Sesame Street) Elmo is a Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice, who hosts the last full fifteen-minute segment on Sesame Street, "Elmo's World", which is aimed at toddlers.

No not elmo he's so sweet - Penguino

First of all, He's overrated and completely took over the show. Grover, Big Bird, Ollie and many other beloved characters don't exist in the show anymore that much thanks to elmo. Not to mention his old puppeteer was a child molester.

He is a gigantic FAT stupid no-Brained Muppet

One word. Childhood!

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33 Abby (Sesame Street)
34 Leo (Caillou)
35 Po (Teletubbies)
36 Laa-Laa (Teletubbies)
37 Miss Susie (Sid the Science Kid)
38 Clementine (Caillou)

Let's turn her into a clementine orange!

39 Sarah (Caillou)
40 Jason (Caillou)
41 Adre (Caillou)
42 Jeffrey (Caillou)
43 Miss Martin (Caillou)
44 Chloe Corbin (Chloe's Closet)
45 Don (Dinosaur Train)

Go ahead. I don't like this character at all!

46 Shiny (Dinosaur Train)

Shiny doesn't deserve this! Tiny does!

47 Max (Dragon Tales)
48 Emmy (Dragon Tales)
49 Zak (Dragon Tales)
50 Wheezie (Dragon Tales)
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