Top Ten Best Games for Kids

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The Top Ten

1 Ducklife

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Pet raising sim! Train your duckling to become a champ. - pbskids

2 Xenos
Xenos Battle-suit powered battles in outer space. - pbskids

3 Khazyle
Play as Hedora the master Archer! as she the lands of Khazyle from vicious trolls, orcs and undead armie. - pbskids

4 Fracuum
Fracuum Venture through an ever expanding labyrinth to find the exit. - pbskids

5 Folds
Folds Use the perfect origami technique to replicate each shape. - pbskids

6 Canary
Canary Explore a mine using your laser cannon to drill through rocks. - pbskids

7 GatherX
GatherX Chop down a magic beanstalk and prevent the giants from coming down to Earth. - pbskids

8 Culmination
Culmination Chase your bitter rival Vandheer Lorde in this platform sword fighting game - pbskids

9 Diggy
Diggy Dig a way towards the center of the earth! - pbskids

FIVE You have five minutes to link all tunnels and find the exit. - pbskids

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