Top Ten Most Peaceful Religions


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1 Buddhism

FORBID VIOLENCE even for self-defense. No justification for any violence.
Will Buddha punish?
Nope, it's not Buddha who will punish or can punish.
The action of violence will create a reaction which returns to you in one way or another. (What goes around, comes around)
You are the master of your fate.

2 Jainism

Being a Hindu, I could have voted for Hinduism. I just can't get over the fact of how peaceful Jain's are though.

Really all jain are very peaceful.

Most peaceful as trying to do not any harm by intention to any leaving organism by any how and attend nirvana for himself by leave everything.. That is Jainism..
Proud to be jain...

With other religions: the more extreme you get, the more alahu akbar you get.
With this religion: the more extreme you get, the more peaceful you get.

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3 Hinduism

You have the option to believe whatever you want to. You even have the choice to be an atheist and a Hindu. It doesn't get any better than that to be honest.

Well bit's better than islam to be honest


All the best

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4 Christianity

Jesus Christ is the One who taught to "love your enemies". Indeed, despite having an impressive 2.2 billion followers, Christians are persecuted worldwide. This is because Christianity is not a religion of expansion and violence but a way of life that preaches unconditional love towards others. - 4894938

I don't know, the Crusades weren't very peaceful...

Christians seem to love rebuking and arguing all the time, but in truth, it's a very beautiful, peaceful religion. It's a shame we have developed such a bad image. - keycha1n

Bless you all, whether you believe followers are peaceful or not. Have a wonderful day!

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5 Paganism

Paganism, with no hierarchy, is a very peaceful and one with the earth religion. Paganism celebrates the fact that, we do not rule the earth, but are a part of it. Paganism looks down on the abuse of animals. It focuses on the law of "never hurting anyone." That means animals and humans.

Depends on which you follow as well as in which ways if necessary. Compare Alto Saxon (Germanic) Paganism to Roman.

How about An' ye harm none, do what ye will.
How many religions have beliefs like that.
It wasn't just women with warts and cats that were tortured and died. It was also Pagans.

6 The International Society for Krishna Consciousness
7 Zen Buddhism
8 Islam

Oh ya? Islam is a peaceful religion? How about those 3,000 people that died on 9/11? Isis? London bombing? Can someone remind me what religion isis belongs to please?

Islam is the worst religion, and has one of the most terrorist attacks.

Yes. Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world for all humanity.

Very very True.

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9 Sikhism
10 Judaism

Very peaceful

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11 Satanism

This and Hinduism are the only two most peaceful religions I've ever heard of. That is why I'm a Satanist myself.

12 Vaishnavism
13 Sufism
14 Wicca Wicca
15 Shaivism
16 Zoroastrianism
17 Baha'i
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