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1 Kowalski

Kowalski is just a great character. I love how he's so obsessed with his own inventions. Also he's very funny... Even though his jokes are not really funny. It's funny how he's the only one laughing at his own jokes.
Also he can be cute sometimes, and he's a great singer.

Kowalski is an intelligent character with his flaws, and although he can be a show of, he is a great character and the penguins of Madagascar series wouldn't be that great without him.

I really like Kowalski, because he is the only reason why chemistry is necessary. It's funny that I can understand his jokes without problems. And he is the cutest one. Also, he is very clever.

Kowalski, analysis - rankist

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2 Skipper

Skipper is the leader of his team, and I think he should be number one. He is the one who teaches his team mates all of their moves and commando techniques and I believe that without skipper, the whole penguins of Madagascar thing is broken since he's already in the original series.

Skipper is a skilled leader, although paranoid, no-one can deny that! His phrases make some people laugh, or at least cheer up. That is why he is one of my favourite characters...

Why is skipper not among the top 5! Skipper alone is stronger than his entire team. Plus I love his paranoia. Skipper is the best and no one can change that!

He's great

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3 Rico

Besides Private, he's the main comic relief, and does a good job at it! - stinkyjaden

He's cool! :D And I love him for being physco. He's crazy and just cool. :) I want to see him.

Rico is my favorite!

Rico: Kaboom?
Skipper: Yes, Rico, kaboom. - BorisRule

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4 Private

THere needs to be more episodes based around him. Maybe they could make a TV movie where all the other animals disappear and Private goes on an adventure to save them or something. Private totally deserves that kind of special treatment.

His own show and more private centric episodes because he is awesome (not as awesome as dr. Blowhole though) I would definitely watch anything based around him

Private is cute, friendly and the fact that he is imperfect makes him even cuter. He may be naive, but he can be much less naive when the other penguins are.

Private is an really unique character, but some reason he's won't get enough attention to prove himself in the series or in the movie.

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5 Mort Mort

He is so adorable and funny, no one can kill The Mort! (literally) How is this fuzzy buddy not first? Anyway, VOTE FOR MORT! NO ONE IS BETTER THAN HIM, NOT EVEN HIS KING!

They should give more credit is better than Mort Rico with that face of autism

This guy is insane, but I guess that makes him funny. He's cute, cuter than YOU, at least (Unless you happen to be Mort Googling yourself. Do lemurs even HAVE computers? ) - Peeko

He is insane, but I guess that makes him cute. Cuter than YOU, at least. (Unless you happen to be Mort googling himself. Do lemurs even HAVE computers? )

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6 Maurice

It's good that Maurice is so down to earth, it makes the show more down to earth too. I like how he turned evil in one of the episodes.

He's a cute aye-aye

7 King Julien

I believe Julian is extremely funny... maybe not as intelligent or as sensible as the penguins, but he is more of both than mort.

How is he not 1st. Much more funnier than private. Should at least 3rd or 4th

Preferred by all I can not believe that this close to first place

I like king julien he's funny

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8 Marline

I think Marlene should be in the top ten... not mort... she is friendly and sensible. And I tin she has some good ideas.

I like prvite but I like her more! She keeps her cool and always comes up with good ideas! I thinl she should be number 1 not number 9!

9 Moon Cat

I think the moon cat is quite funny and since I like cats I definitely like moon cat as well.

10 Eggy the duck

Cute, sweet and funny, this character is a real deal... if only more people agreed with this.

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11 Dr. Blowhole Dr. Blowhole

Blowhole may be the evil one in the Penguins of Madagascar, but I think he is more than just evil, I think he has his good side, he just doesn't want to or can't show his good side.

"Doctor Blowhole can be really funny and isn't like the other original villains. He still tries to be evil and a classic villain but he has his own fun personality.

He sings well

12 Roger

Even though he isn't much of a fighter, he is a friendly character.

Roger is an aligator, if only he was hardcore, he could have been stronger than the four penguins combined.

13 Joey
14 Alice
15 Hans

The evil puffin is an interesting character, especially because of his fish fights.


16 Mason
17 The Red Squirrel

You know who else votes for the red squirrel?

18 Burt
19 Classified
20 Gus
21 Officer X

Former animal control officer, former exterminator, former fishmonger, temporary zookeeper, and grocery store employee-the penguins bring him down each time. But X is probably a tougher opponent than Blowhole himself. He's usually one step ahead of the penguins with a pun after he foils them. Even though the penguins always prevail, they are normally humiliated quite a bit first.

22 Chuck Charles

Call me Nun-Chuck Charles! (Good Night and Good Chuck)

23 Hunter

Cute and friendly, this character must have caught your eye. Just like the other animals, she doesn't behave like her species should, which makes her all the more special.

24 Phil
25 Bada
26 Bing
27 Fred
28 Rhonda
29 Alice's co-worker
30 Vesuvius Twins
31 Gia
32 Marty
33 The Rat King
34 Aria

Skipper's wife, so pretty

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