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1 Daft Punk

Pentatonix never lets me down with their music, covers or not. I can't wait to see what they have installed next!

This song is amazing. I love Daft Punk and this song is the best cover ever of any song. - keyson

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it. - ChuckLaunching

Ptx is the best and Daft Punk proves it all.

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2 Love Again

Kevin and Avi really made this song for what it is. The music is just perfect.

3 Evolution of Music
4 Can't Hold Us

Great remix...incredible rap by Scott!

5 Say Something

Just hear the song... please

6 Natural Disaster
7 Run to You

This song is the most mesmerizing work of art ever. I cry every time I listen to it!

This song is so heartbreaking! They did amazing!


8 Royals
9 Happy (Pharrell Cover)
10 Starships

Come on Mitch let's goo...!

The Newcomers

? White Winter Hymnal

It is the best

The Contenders

11 Radioactive
12 Aha!
13 Hallelujah


14 Somebody that I Used to Know
15 Cheerleader

This song is specially beautiful to me as it reminds me of Virgin Mary as a mother, as a wish-granter and etcs.!

16 Can't Sleep Love

I love this song.

17 Little Drummer Boy
18 Gangnam Style
19 Sing

Let me hear you sing

. That song is so catchy! - Powerfulgirl10

20 Silent Night
21 Joy to the World
22 La la Latch

Scott really made this song.

23 Mary Did You Know

This is the first song I heard from them!
Kevin sang a part of the song!

24 Happy
25 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
26 Carol of the Bells

It's a bloody song by PTX

27 Standing By

This song is incredibly beautiful and has such a great meaning! Avi actually has the lead in this one--I love his voice so much and I'm so glad he gets to showcase it in this song!

28 Rather Be

19?...come on guys! Appreciate Kirstin's beautiful voice. She really smoothened this cover.

29 Cracked

Scott sings this one appreciably well. I love the basal touch given by Avi too.

30 Evolution of Michael Jackson

Mitch...well sung! Yet, PTX gains its repu only because of 5 members of different singing specialties. No wonder they turned this popular.

31 If I Ever Fall In Love
32 New Year's Day

SCOTT was really good in this one.

33 Na Na Na
34 Problem
35 Ref

Scott and Kirstin are so awesome.

36 Take Me Home
37 Water
38 The First Noel
39 The Baddest Girl
40 I Need Your Love
41 Lean On
42 Light In the Hallway
43 Misbehavin
44 On My Way Home
45 Deck the Halls
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1. Starships
2. Daft Punk
3. Evolution of Music
1. Say Something
2. Can't Hold Us
3. Daft Punk


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