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21 Captain Marvelous - Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
22 Cream the Rabbit Cream the Rabbit

It's horrible that so many people ship Tails with Cream, and it's even worse that they defend the couple and treat it like it's canon. WHAT?! Tails and Cream never shown any romance towards each other in any of the games, comics or shows, whereas Tails loved Cosmo in Sonic X and Zooey in Sonic Boom, not Cream.

Horribly sexualized to the core despite being only six years old, which is wrong. Sadly, this is what the fandumb does if a female character happens to be named "Cream" and is a rabbit. I hope it stops. I swear if the fandumb ships her with Fox McCloud (Star Fox) then I am going to be upset. Rage time!

On that side note, Fox McCloud already has a female companion in his series (Krystal in the games, Fara in the comics). There is no reason to pair him up with Cream.

23 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

As much I love Blaze the Cat, she has a bad fandom. Often used for fetish fuel (crossover shipping her with a classic cartoon character is the worst idea ever thought), and also seen as a "Mary Sue" by her haters. Hope future Sonic games does her justice, if she does reappear, anyhow.

24 Sonic the Hedgehog

You knew this was coming... Love the games, love the character but hate the fandom. And as much as I like Sonic, there is more to Sega than just Sonic.

25 Krystal - Star Fox

The Furry Fandom ruined Krystal big time... What is worse is that most Krystal fans in the "furry" community aren't even Star Fox fans, or even familiar with Star Fox or who Fox McCloud is, that they can crossover ship her with whoever they want. What in the world?

You think her fandom's bad? Her hatedom is nothing but close-minded, straw grasping, elitist idiots who bully her fans. They're nearly on par with the ugly side of the Steven Universe fandom.

I'm A Furry And Even I Think The Furry Fandom Really Ruined Her
Shame On The Perverted Furries!

Note-I'm Not A Perverted Furry, I'm A Nice And Clean One

26 Aleu - Balto II

Her personality is awful and I don't get why she has a fanbase. Nikki, Kaltag and Star were much nicer to Balto then his own daughter ever was, at least their wrong-doings were just Steele's fault/influence and didn't say "I hate you" and ran away like Aleu did. If Aleu really has a fanbase, then her fans use her for nothing but furry fetish fuel. Which sucks.

27 Kodi - Balto III

Not as bad as Aleu, but Kodi can act like a brat sometimes and the idea of Balto having puppies in the sequel destroys the truth of the true Balto story the films were based on. The "real" Balto was a purebred husky, not a half-wolf, and he was neutered, meaning he can't and never had puppies. The stories featured in the Balto films were nothing but pure fiction. Let's not forget that the Kodi fandom can be obnoxious about shippings and who should Dusty be paired with. The "fans" want Dusty to be Kodi's love interest when her 'true' love interest is, in fact, Ralph (the big guy of the sled team), according to one of the film's directors.

28 Simba - The Lion King Simba - The Lion King Simba is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise. Introduced in Walt Disney Animation's 32nd animated feature film The Lion King (1994), the character subsequently appears in its sequels The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) and The Lion King 1½ (2004).

The Lion King franchise and everything in it does not deserve a fanbase. Simba is not a good choice for a protagonist; he is bratty and unfair. The TLK fanbase praise the franchise like it's the top pinnacle of not only Disney, but animated movies and even movies in general, when it isn't and should never be. TLK fans hate on other movies too much, especially if the movie in question is not as good, not as loved or hated more than The Lion King. Recolored fan-characters, traced art, bad fanfics, shipping, crossover shipping, Rule 34, fetish art/stories and other garbage are present in The Lion King fandom. The franchise sucks big time and makes me wish for the 1980's to come back when TLK did not exist.

I am so sick of tired of The Lion King getting so much love and praise compared to other franchises, and since TLK is the most controversial Disney animated feature and has a story that is very fascist and pro-discrimination, it is especially appalling to me that it is beloved by too many other people so much that they put it high on any "best" list they can find and throw a big fuss when some hater puts it on any "worst" list.

29 Mufasa - The Lion King Mufasa - The Lion King

Claims to respect all creatures, but we get "Sire! Hyenas in the Pride Lands! ", "Silence! If you ever come near my son again...", "You deliberately disobeyed me! ", "Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba", etc. He is a bigot, and I hate him. I know bad guys are bad guys, but TLK demonized the whole hyena species that Disney got in trouble by hyena activists because of this, and how the film demonized the real species is unacceptable. Truth to be told, TLK is not a documentary, and the difference between fiction and real-life exists. Also, TLK fans act like major, 0-year old crybabies whenever Mufasa dies. It is getting annoying when everyone claims Mufasa's death as the saddest thing ever when there are more tragic and sadder events out there.

30 Nala - The Lion King Nala - The Lion King

A helpless, wimpy girl who can't even fight the villains without her boyfriend on her side. How misogynist is that? Also, Nala fans can be creepy with all the fetish art going on.

31 Scar - The Lion King

An awful character. Easily has the largest and worst fanbase out of any Disney villain. Demonized a whole species by making them his henchmen. His orientation is questionable due to his effeminate appearance, the lack of a lioness pride and even a lack of a descendant in Disney's Descendants, which this new show is a proof that most Disney villains got laid, yet Scar doesn't have a descendant. Rabid Scar fanbrats also make awful spoofs of other villains and their followers singing "Be Prepared", and think that other villains should have hyenas as henchmen, too. I need a barf bag, quickly.

32 Shenzi - The Lion King Shenzi - The Lion King

Shenzi, along with Banzai, Ed, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu, are a defamation of character of their own species and should be annihilated and forgotten. I feel that I'm the only one who hates these characters and their fandoms. They suck. They also don't deserve the title of 'comic relief', as they're not funny, heck, not even lovable. I can't believe peeps drew and written so much Shenzi porn and fetish crud on the Internet, even crossover shippings (I'm going to barf if they pair her with Kaltag from Balto or even Krystal from Star Fox, seriously. It's bad enough that they shipped her with Steele from Balto, and I'm afraid what they'll do, next). The evil hyenas in Disney's "Lion" franchise are completely useless characters who have to wait for Scar's signal before they even have the chance to hunt and eat food, but really never found any food (with the exception of one scene where Scar gives them a zebra leg) due to being forced to starve to death by Mufasa for no reason. Also, their ...more

Not to mention that most of Shenzi's fanbase are huge pervs. Especially the shippers and crossover fans.

33 Banzai - The Lion King

Doesn't have as much as a fandum as Shenzi and Ed, but still unacceptable. "Cactus butt" is not a nice name to call someone. Being mauled to death by a fierce lion also isn't funny.

34 Ed - The Lion King

Mistaken as a funny and smart character who's smarter than Knuckles the Echidna when he isn't. Has an obnoxious annoying laugh and the look on his face angers me every time. I wish he should have died in the movie along with Shenzi and Banzai. (Although there is still hope that they died in the fire after eating Scar in the end of the movie, as currently they're yet to appear or even be mentioned in The Lion Guard) These three do not deserve their fanbase.

35 Timon - The Lion King Timon - The Lion King

I hate him and having a small and annoying character as a sidekick is overused. His fanbase has the hots for him, which I find creepy.

36 Pumbaa - The Lion King

Disgusting fart jokes that would make Ren and Stimpy proud. Doesn't has as much as a fandumb as Timon does, but still.

37 Rafiki - The Lion King Rafiki - The Lion King
38 Zazu - The Lion King
39 Sarabi - The Lion King Sarabi - The Lion King
40 Kovu - The Lion King II Kovu - The Lion King II
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