Top 10 People Claiming Superhuman Abilities

The Top Ten

1 Natasha Demkina

She have X-Ray Vision - MickeyMouse

She got X-Ray Vision - MickeyMouse

2 Ben Underwood

He was born in 1992 suffered from retinal cancer and had both of his eyes surgically removed at the age of 3 but he was not that blind he can see through sound, but badly he passed away in 2009 at the age of 16 - MickeyMouse

3 Isao Machii

He is a Super Samurai, he can stop a bullet with his sword - MickeyMouse

4 Michel Lotito

They called Mr. Eats It All, enough said - MickeyMouse

5 Master Zhou

He is a Kung-Fu Master, he can heat everything with his own hands - MickeyMouse

6 Masutatsu Ōyama

He can kill a bull with one blow - MickeyMouse

7 Wim Hof

He is the Iceman, enough said - MickeyMouse

8 Zamora the Torture King

He is The Torture King this guy has swallowed flaming swords - MickeyMouse

9 Gino Martino

He can smash things with his skull - MickeyMouse

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