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1 Kourosh

Who the hell are you..
Are you Iranian..
If you are so please stop doing it..
KOUROSH was the greatest man in all the history and we all have to proud of him.
Damn you.. If you don't know any thing about all these great man that you can not understand how much great the are...

I think that Kourosh is one of the best people in the Iran and in the world he really is Kourosh the Grate and he is the first person that Wrote or said or represent the fist Declaration of Human Rights and so many good things too and I think that he is the best king

He was the greatest man of history.

Who invented the human right.

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2 Hafez Shirazi

"AND HE MUSTN'T BE HERE.." cut the crap! One of reasons Iranians shall proud to their culture and poetry! And he doesn't born after 1979 rev. So he lived a happy life I think!


Only abdolkhalegh the great

Love him

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3 Emam Khomani

No, he is one of the Worst characters in the history of Iran and the world he made the Islamic Revolution and made so many people die and destroyed the culture and the future of Iran, and still som people like him after the real bad things that he made and did to Iran this grate country.

He's the worst man in the world

He is the only Person in world after prophet he made Islamic State which represents actual Islam without any interference of US or UK. He is the greatest personality in World who never used public money for his personal use or even his family didn't join Politics. Salute to this Great Man Hats Off.


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4 Karimkhan Zand

The king who is the symbol of peace!

Yeah! I know a lot about him... Lawyer attorney - aliaz

He mustnt be here.

5 Adel Ferdosipour

He is the 4th?! Come on he's just a football commentator.

What a joke! He is just a clown no more!

Buggered if I know the name sounded nice ;0


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6 Doctor Hesabi

He really was one of the best people in Iran and he was so courteous and so smart.

He was a true Iranian, a legend.

He was a genius he should be the second!

He is one of the smartest people in the world

7 Mohammad Jahan Ara

The only thing that I can say about him:«Brave».We all salute him.

I know him as a singer and nothing else :| but he was a soldier!
and I am iranian :)))
shame on me - aliaz

8 Avicenna

He of of the best doctor of medico In Iran and in all of the world.

9 The Great Dariush

He is son of kourosh

10 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

He was a man of great dignity -- a man with a great soul. He was a man who had no power to stop people from kicking him out of his own country. He had a true heart.

Best king peace be upon your soul

He was a good man with all he did good and bad but he was a real king a smart king.

He was king of great persia
The man who tried to make iran a honorable country

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11 Omar Khayyam

A great Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet...

I have parts of his poetry, one of the First atheists in the world, logic is waving all over in his poems, he is my number one!

This is the real great man

He was absolutely amazing

12 Sadegh Hedayat

I cannot understand how can Adela Ferdowsipur be the number 4 and sādegh hedāyat number 13 :/

13 Rumi

What a great master of Poet I my self respect him

He is the proud icon of iran and the world of poetry...

14 Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

He was one of the most smart people and one of the best scientists in Iran and in the world.

He was a great man and he shouldnot be here..

15 Ali Khamenei Ali Khamenei

He is best human in leaders

Most charismatic person on the world.

The best leader ever. God may save him, Amen!

Absolutly he is

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16 Amir Kabir
17 Mohammad Khatami
18 Ali Karimi Ali Karimi

He was the best football player for many years.
And he should not be here too.

19 Shahin Najafi Shahin Najafi

He isn't iranian he just lived in iran but he escpaed from iran because he is not a good pereon he is wild and his opinion is bad and he says very bad things to iranian people and iranian goverment

20 Mir Hossein Mousavi

Loyal and faithful politician also great artist and architect.

He is the great man in iran

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