People That Just Can't Seem to See Eye to Eye

People that just can't seem to get along with each other.

The Top Ten

1 Democrats & Republicans
2 Vegans & Meat Eaters
3 Cartoon Fans & Anime Fans

I don't now why both their problems are its utterly ridicules that both get so worked up over nothing. - Darkusmaximus

4 John Cena Fans & John Cena Haters
5 Gays & Christian Beliefs

Mind ya own damn buisness and let me like what I like. - 0w0uwu

6 Men & Woman
7 Simpson Fans & Family Guy Fans
8 Harry Potter Fans & Twilight Fans
9 Marvel Fans & DC Fans

Iv always been a fan of Marvel comics and some of my friends are DC fans and a lot of times we'd get into arguments over which is better. - Darkusmaximus

10 Star Wars Fans & Star Trek Fans
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