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1 Anita Page Anita Page, born Anita Evelyn Pomares (August 4, 1910 ā€“ September 6, 2008) was an American film actress who reached stardom in the last years of the silent film era.

I cannot see my comment without cringing. - TopTenTed

Simply put, her legendary beauty makes her top the list. - TopTenTed

Iā€™m commenting on my own comments, what is wrong with me? - TopTenTed

2 Jimmy Page James Patrick Page is an English musician, songwriter, and record producer who achieved international success as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin.

Voting for him, I was very cocky back then. - TopTenTed

I knew It'd be here. - I80

The only person I know on here. Lol - Misfire

Magnificent Guitarist. - TopTenTed

3 Larry Page

Co-Founded Google! - TopTenTed

4 Ellen Page

Bro I love her she is an idol! She was the main role in WhipIt! - Manlypants

5 Alan Page
6 Patti Page
7 Bettie Page Bettie Mae Page (April 22, 1923 ā€“ December 11, 2008) was an American model who gained a significant profile in the 1950s for her pin-up photos. Often referred to as the "Queen of Pinups", her jet black hair, blue eyes, and trademark bangs have influenced artists for generations.
8 Diamond Dallas Page Dallas Page, better known by his ring name Diamond Dallas Page, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor, motivational speaker and actor.
9 Kimberly Page
10 Geraldine Page

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11 Morgan Page
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