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1 People who listen to Autotune abused music

Such as that Nicki Minaj guy. - Turkeyasylum

Is it wrong for me to have absolutely no use who Jackie Evancho is? Sorry I'm just going to listen to some Taylor Swift/ Adele, watch some Gravity Falls then I'll look up who she is - Untildawn8

Hey, I take that personal. Her "Songs From the Silver Screen" album is one of the most graceful things I have heard. But that does not change that in other genres such as Cyber hip hop Autotune is perfectly on point and adds to the futuristic tone. The two extremes CAN coexist, it judt takes a diverse taste in music. - Martin_Canine

I love Jackie Evancho, but not as much as I love auto tone abused music.

2 Dumb Idiots

They don't know how beautiful jackie evancho is

Nicki Minaj made this list probably to hate in this beautiful singer

How can anyone who looks at these lists NOT know what she looks like?

And her fans are even more dumb idiots than the " dunb (? ) " idiots who despise her.

3 Jerkfaces

I don't hunk anyone hates HER. What they hate is the way people drool all over her like she's God or something and call anyone who doesn't a jerk.

4 People who don't know what real music is

There is no such thing as "Real" music as you are using the word Real. Excuse me but I don't particularly like her voice. I like the music my ears like and singing is not all there is about music anyway. There are other more important aspects about music. You use such an unintelligent phrase.

ROCK AND ROLL IS THE ONLY REAL THING! Not the Jackie Evancho crap!

5 Internet trolls with nothing productive to do

Sounds like your site who is giving critics to Rock and Roll fans, Garage-Punk fans, Hardrock fans, Metal fans, Reggae fans, Mid-sixties punk fans, Rockabilly fans, Soul fans, Blues fans etc... So many genres that are thousands times better than her classical crossover crap!

6 People living in mental institutions

I love Jackie Evancho. And I love the way Bob G avoids this list.

Who put this on here? Who ever put this on this list should regret this. No wonder why people are tired of hearing of Jackie Evancho ( don't hate me for this, I'm not a fan and I'm not a hater) - MusicalPony

How can people be tired of hearing about Jackie Evancho? Her songs are rarely heard on the radio (mostly public stations), the Grammys don't include her genre (classical crossover), and she hardly gets any media coverage. Other female singers on these lists get way more attention than Jackie. - BobG

I prefer to living in a mental institution where they will me give all kind of drugs than listening to that crap music of hers!

I love BobG. Sincerely, Jaclie Evancho

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7 People who waste time with Rick Ross and Sage the Gemini

No. I waste my time listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Nirvana.

What, you didn't believe I was really Sage the Gemini

8 Sane people

By sane you mean over religious people who still thinks that rock and roll is devil's music.

It is insane to despise a sweet young lady with a lovely voice for no good reason whatsoever. - BobG

Who are you talking about. This list is about Jackie Evancho. Not whoever you are talking about. - AnonymousChick

It is insane to like her

@BobG I am concerned. Why are you obsessed with her so so much? Stop acting like you are her fathre.

9 Criminals

Would it be a crime if I free ( meaning get rid off ) Jackie Evancho from the people in this world? I don't think so, I would do them a great favour!

10 Real music fans

You mean the Mods and Rockers, right?

Like rock music fans or metal fans... - DynastiNoble

The Contenders

11 People without morals

I love Jackie Evancho. Yours truly, someone without morals.

Anti-social, Anti-social, I hate the world! ( song lyrics from the song " Anti-social " by the group Skrewdriver ).

12 People who don't realize that classical music is a fundamental root to music

Classical music is the root for any other forms of music. Blues, Rock, Jazz, so on. If there was no fundamental use of instruments from the beginning and then the change of instrumental qualities that came after there would be no music. Yes rock came from blues but where did blues come from or any music. It started with instruments. I don't like classical myself. To slow and boring to my ears but I do realize that everything that followed started from the use of instruments. Like or not! Any thing that proceeds any thing else is always the root. Classical is a very wide term. So you could say that the humans banging on objects and blowing through reeds may have actually started something. Those were the instruments they had available everything else later evolved from that.

Since when is classical crap related to basic rock and roll? ( that came from the black blues singers )

A tam-tam in Africa is the basic of all music with a beat. When African people were deported to be slaves they began to sing their misery ( the birth of blues, Robert Johnson... ). When blues became popular it became rhythm and blues ( the 1940's and 1950's ). From there it was mixed with white southern folk music ( the birth of rock and roll, Elvis Presley... ). From the sixties it became harder with new techniques ( mid-sixties garage punk sounds ) till heavy rock was born. That's the fundamental root of blues, rock etc... As for Jazz, the roots lays in New orleans in black funeral music. Then it was mixed with rhythm and with basic blues. The deconstruction of the rhythm in New orleans Jazz led to new Jazz sounds like Be-Bop ( Charlie Parker ), Hard bop ( Art Blakey ), Cool Jazz ( Miles Davis ) etc... Classical music has fundamental roots for Operette, Musicals, Classical pop-crossover...but that's about it. So, don't tell me that Jackie Evancho's music takes us back to the roots ...more

No. Rock comes from blues which comes from Africa so IN YOUR FACES!

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13 People who are fed up with others who think she's amazing because of her age

This is bogus, Jackie is no longer a child, she's 15 years old, a teenager like a lot of other performers on the TopTen lists. Lots of people think Jackie is amazing because of her talent, her positive attitude, and her poise.

That's The Problem. People Still Say She's Amazing Because Of Her Age - 12cc

14 Smartest people in the world

What am I doing way down at number eight?

The smartest people despize J.E. That's the only good thing on this list by far.

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15 Murderers

I love Jackie Evancho. Sincerely yours, a murderer.

16 Troublemaking TopTenners

So I'm a troublemaker? Yeah... I've made so many racist lists and said horrible stuff about TopTenners... so believable. - AnonymousChick

Gemcloben isn't a troublemaker. PurpleYoshi98 isn't a troublemaker. So just shut your pieholes.

17 Every other celebrity

Again you can't sing like her and can't be famous so you cry and act like a bad child!

More bogosity. Jackie has been praised and her talents endorsed by every music industry luminary she has collaborated with, including David Foster, Sumi Jo, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli and Tony Bennett, to name a few. - BobG

I am reconsidering my endorsement of Jackie Evancho's talents. Sincerely, David Foster, Sumi Jo, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, and Tony Bennett.

This collaborations of her, who the hell are all this untalented crap performers? And who gives a damn about them?

18 People who have brains

This is the best item on the list.

You would do the world actually a favor by killing her.

Yeah, if you have a brain, you want to kill her

This is sick, no one with an ounce of humanity would talk about killing a sweet teenager like Jackie. - BobG

Hey Bob G, when you pray at night do you pray to God or Jackie?

19 True opera singers

She doesn't know how to sing correctly. She should be using her diaphragm, not her throat to sing. Using her throat will create a forced sound, whereas when sung through the diaphragm, it will be clearer. And when she does the vibrato, her lips should not move.

This is bogus. 1) Jackie is not, and has never claimed to be, an opera singer; 2) Have you even watched any current videos of Jackie? She IS NOW 15 YEARS OLD, she sounds better than ever, she has eliminated her chin wobble (four years ago) and she has most certainly learned how to use her diaphragm. If you are going to criticize someone, get up-to-date on your facts. - BobG

Oh, say it isn't so! I loved her chin wobble...

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1. People who listen to Autotune abused music
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1. People who listen to Autotune abused music
2. Internet trolls with nothing productive to do
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