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21 Herself

You're right, she's not the number one motor bike company or the number one cell phone service. And I don't even think she's in the top ten saxophone players.

Jackie is not "number 1 on almost every list"; this is a deliberate exaggeration. 1) There are many lists on which Jackie does not appear at all or is far back in the pack; 2) The reason she has prominent positions on many lists that apply to her is that she is beloved and admired by so many people around the world; 3) Anyone who thinks that there is someone who is more deserving of Jackie's position on a particular list is free to vote for her, just like all other performers' fans do.

She loves her success and does many charities to help children, why you would hate a nice person like her shows unbelievable jellousy and proves how good she is.

She sucks. The charities are stupid. I would be smart enough to never do that. - SelfDestruct

She is beloved and admired by so many people around the world? Nobody knows her in Europe, she don't sell records in Europe. If I know her it's because I see her face here on almost every top ten site. I've never heard her on the radio, I've never seen her on a television program. Why are you Americans so obsessed with this girl?
Greetings from Holland.

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22 Sage the Gemini Sage the Gemini

I love Jackie Evancho. She's talented, young and nice. I hate Sage the Gemini, his song "Gaz Pedal" sucks. Do I really need to explain why Jackie Evancho is way better than Sage the Gemini?

I love Jackie Evancho. Sincerely, Sage the Gemini.

I love Jackie. Sincerely, Sage the Gemini

23 Terrorists

My only goal in life, bomb away Jackie Evancho! You moron, get real!

24 Rap freaks
25 Tone-deaf idiots
26 Rock Fans

Hey, we're not in pre-rock and roll times anymore ( before 1954! ) when this classical opera crap was all the rage. History banned that stage so please don't bring that crap again!

27 People who make music lists on TheTopTens

Jackie Evancho has a nice voice, but she isn't this god of music like some people think. Anytime I make a music list, she invades the top spot. Her version of Hallelujah is infinitely inferior to Jeff Buckley's. And she does not deserve the top spot on "Saddest Love Songs" - Hajj

Well that's your "opinion", and you get one vote, just like everybody else.

Funny how Top Tenners scream, whine, wail, and throw a tantrum when somebody does not share their "opinion", yet they go out of their way to criticize the votes of real, actual people.
However, not to worry, the majority of the Jackie Evancho fans abandoned the top tens once they realized it is a site for children.
You are all safe once again to make yet another endless variation of the same old lists about SpongeBob, metal music, and Disney movies.

28 Classic Rock Fans
29 Everyone on Youtube
30 Beliebers

So I am a Belieber just because I hate classical crossover? That's reeeaaalyy stupid.

31 Nazis

I love Jackie Evancho. Yours truly, your friendly neighborhood Nazi.

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32 People who take these lists seriously
33 Led Zeppelin fans
34 Slayer fans
35 Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl
36 Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere
37 Jealous people

I'm so jealous! Gee, I wish I had a cult following me...

38 Haters V 1 Comment
39 People who just need to calm down

No, really the people who need to calm down are the people who think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. My gosh, if you say the slightest thing that could possibly say that she isn't perfect, you are quickly attacked. I don't think anyone despises HER, I know I don't. How could I? I don't know her, nor am I ever likely to. It's this hypersensitivity by her fans, and I don't despise them either. It's just fun to get them going.

40 People who won't stop talking about her

I have yet to hear anyone go on and on about how they despise her. The people who won't stop talking about her are the people who worship her.

Like top tenner BobG.

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