Top 10 People Who Killed a Celebrity


The Top Ten

1 Robert John Bardo Robert John Bardo

Poor Rebecca...She was at the peak of her career when her life was taken. - Ananya

Well, robert john bardo is more tragic than his victim (not that he doesn't deserve to be punished though) - RadOn

Victim: Rebecca Schaeffer - RadOn

2 Nathan Gale Nathan Gale

Victim: Dimebag Darrel - RadOn

3 Mark David Chapman Mark David Chapman Mark David Chapman is an American prison inmate who murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980. Chapman shot Lennon outside The Dakota apartment building in New York City.

Victim: John Lennon - RadOn

4 Kevin James Loibl Kevin James Loibl

Victim: Christina grimmie - RadOn

5 Charles Manson Charles Manson Charles Milles Manson (1934-2017) was an American criminal who led what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune that arose in the California desert in the late 1960s.

Victim: Sharon Tate - RadOn

I heard he didn't actually kill her. It was the Manson Family. But of course he was responsible for it. - JCHOW

6 Yolanda Saldívar Yolanda Saldívar

Victim: Selena - RadOn

7 Conrad Murray Conrad Murray

Victim: Michael Jackson - RadOn

8 Marvin Gay Sr. Marvin Gay Sr.

One of the saddest stories ever - Marvin Gaye was killed by his father... - Metal_Treasure

Victim: Marvin Gaye - RadOn

9 Brynn Hartman Brynn Hartman

Victim: Phil Hartman - RadOn

10 Bertha Franklin Bertha Franklin

Victim: Sam Cooke - RadOn

The Contenders

11 Tony McCluskie Tony McCluskie

Victim: Gemma McCluskie - RadOn

12 Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald

Victim: John F Kennedy - B1ueNew

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