Top 10 People Who Need More Attention On Soundcloud

The Top Ten

1 Vibe party

With about 21 followers this big room artist is one person who needs to be heard more on soundcloud he is sure to release better tracks.

Can I just say he changed to GROWLER and has 60 followers

He needs no more attention now he's got 100 followers

2 R3ckless

This legendary trap producer with around 30 followers is a badass remixer as well as his original mixes

3 Masprakaso

Ok this could lead to an argument but his mixes are good but then again his songs aren't too original

4 Into oblivion

This is a tuff one into oblivion has had good sounds like 'too bad''caution' and 'rampage'. But some say 'dum' and 'rock' are bad. But in my opinion it's a new style of music.

5 Dj Robert flawless

Quite experimental which is cool because it is something you have never heard wether you like it or not.

6 Treason kings

Ok this will start an argument I just thought of this one when I reached here otherwise they would be number 1. They also have about 200 followers but get them to 1000 followers they need this there the next genre.


Quite a good repost channel with around 17 followers I can't say too much with them being a repost channel.

8 Alex VRG

Quite the energetic DJ let the bass talk for you

9 Kehlani Kehlani

Great, soft voice, amazing vibes to her songs and relatable lyrics

10 Sander van doorn

The Contenders

11 Electus
12 Zylark

Need I say more.

13 DJ_Horror
14 Croosh
15 Kid Cuisine
16 Billie Eilish Billie Eilish
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