Top People Who Shouldn't Be Forgotten at Christmas

There are people who are too often forgotten at Christmas, who have a hard time and still need to be helped. For some, Christmas is the hardest part of the year. Here's recognition to them.

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1 The Homeless

I actually want to help them from the cruel world and have cheese with them. - CerealGuy

Sleeping outside in such harsh temperatures. - EvilAngel

It is terrible to be homeless on Christmas - PatrickStar

I want to help them - MeaganSaysHI

2 The Lonely

There's a sign at a local diner advertising a "Christmas Dinner for One". It always makes me sad. - PetSounds

No one should or should never be or feel lonely at any time especially at Christmas. - Britgirl

Memories of Christmas' when they had their loved ones. - EvilAngel

3 Jesus

The reason why Christmas is a thing.

For the LAST TIME it's a holiday made by Roman Pagans called Saturnalia but it was impossible for the church to ban so they made it into their Christian holiday renaming it as Christmas.

As Christmas becomes more secular and about Santa, we forget to remember the true meaning and spirit of it all. Christmas is the birth of our savior, and a time when we give to other people. - ethanmeinster

Jesus rules, Satan sucks - MeaganSaysHI

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4 The Starving

A church in my area gives out free dinners every Thanksgiving

People in Africa didn't really get snow and joy of Christmas but we can bring it to there with the Internet - CerealGuy

Especially the kids in African countries. I would donate some apples to Africa - MeaganSaysHI

Not all will get Turkeys this Christmas. - EvilAngel

5 Santa
6 The Oppressed
7 The Busy

The busy deserves a Christmas break, especially the ones that are hardworking.

8 The Deceased

That is true because your deceased loved ones are truly dear to your heart.

9 The Poor

I feel very sorry for the poor. It makes me want to help them.

10 Single Mothers

So many mothers put their family and kids first, many go into Christmas with nothing under the tree for themselves.

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