Top People Who Shouldn't Be Forgotten at Christmas

There are people who are too often forgotten at Christmas, who have a hard time and still need to be helped. For some, Christmas is the hardest part of the year. Here's recognition to them.

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1 The Homeless

I actually want to help them from the cruel world and have cheese with them. - CerealGuy

Sleeping outside in such harsh temperatures. - EvilAngel

It is terrible to be homeless on Christmas - PatrickStar

I want to help them - MeaganSaysHI

2 The Lonely

There's a sign at a local diner advertising a "Christmas Dinner for One". It always makes me sad. - PetSounds

No one should or should never be or feel lonely at any time especially at Christmas. - Britgirl

Memories of Christmas' when they had their loved ones. - EvilAngel

3 Jesus

As Christmas becomes more secular and about Santa, we forget to remember the true meaning and spirit of it all. Christmas is the birth of our savior, and a time when we give to other people. - ethanmeinster

Jesus rules, Satan sucks - MeaganSaysHI

Christmas. Don't forget the whole point of it. - EvilAngel

I love jesus

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4 The Starving

People in Africa didn't really get snow and joy of Christmas but we can bring it to there with the Internet - CerealGuy

Especially the kids in African countries. I would donate some apples to Africa - MeaganSaysHI

Not all will get Turkeys this Christmas. - EvilAngel

5 Santa
6 The Oppressed
7 The Busy
8 The Deceased
9 The Poor
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