Top 10 People You Miss


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1 A family member who has passed away

I still can't quite believe my Pop has just...gone! It's so hard to understand that he's never coming back; never going to make the family laugh again or understand when any one of us needs a shoulder or a hug. He could fill an empty room with his personality. I look at photographs of him and think "He's alive and well there, how can he be gone from us so quickly? " I know he would hate to see me so upset; he'd tell me "Come on, Tonx (My nickname) pick yourself up, you ain't heavy, girl" - I do try, but it's so hard. The hardest thing I've gone through so far. People tell me that I still have the memories, and I know they're right, but memories can't hold you when you're sad or laugh at your stupid jokes or listen when you're excited over discovering something new and exciting. How can I get over such a huge hole he has left in mine and the family's life? All that is left are the echoes of him, which are some comfort, but just aren't the same. I love and miss him ...more - Britgirl

2 A pet that has passed away
3 Your ex
4 Long lost friend
5 The person you used to be

No I don't miss who I used to be. Apart from bouts of loneliness (and who doesn't feel lonely sometimes? ) I really am the happiest I've been in my life. I've always been a late developer in many things and I know since I turned 40, I've blossomed. I know who I am and what I want out of life. - Britgirl

I was very intelligent before so it's impenetrable to change catching my old Intelligence at every angle. - Kevinsidis

6 Your idol who has passed away

My idol, Freddie Mercury is not with us today sadly. When John Deacon or Brian May or Roger Taylor goes, it will be even harder... To get through each day... :( And when RBE passes... Oh, the humanity. I can't live. :(

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