Top Ten People You Should Not Kill


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1 Your Parents

What if they're abusive? - TwilightKitsune

Without our parents we wouldn't be here. A heartless kid would only do that!

I once saw a newspaper about a devil child who killed his own MOTHER! - Pastakirby7

I love my Parents without them we doesn't exists in this world - paasadani

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2 Your Siblings

Look, you may hate your siblings, but don't kill them. They are part of your family - Delgia2k

Why should I not kill my siblings? They killed my ' goat!

3 Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Lover

I know you hate to see your boyfriend/girlfriend lover, but killing her/him isn't necessary - Delgia2k

Would rather kill myself than her...

They are the one you love. If you hated them enough to kill them, you shouldntve dated them to begin with!

Especially because there are…

*drum roll*

…fifty ways to leave your lover. - PetSounds

4 Your Friends

What can I say? They are your friends - Delgia2k

Well it makes sense not to kill them

5 President

Your whole country would be pissed and they would come looking for you.

If you did that, your life is over - Delgia2k

6 Police

You get 2 wanted star level - Delgia2k

You should never mess with policemen.

7 A Driver Who Crashed Your Car

You may start argument, but killing the driver is really necessary? I don't think so - Delgia2k

Well they would probably die anyway.

8 The Unborn

Abortion is infanticide. Please don't do it!

9 Mean People

You should teach mean people a lesson, I don't mean by killing them - Delgia2k

You beat them up. Killing is not neccesary.

10 James Hetfield James Hetfield James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963. He is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

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11 Innocent Kids

Kids can be whiny or annoying, but if you kill kids, that shows you are psychopath - Delgia2k

12 Jonathan Davis Jonathan Davis Jonathan Howsmon Davis, also known as JD and JDevil, is an American musician best known as the leading vocalist and frontman of the nu metal band Korn.

Who on Earth is Jonathan Davis anyway?

13 Soldiers

You do that, and you may face the army - Delgia2k

14 Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. He was born in March 10, 1940, in Ryan, OK. He is famous for mostly starring in western and action movies.
15 Your Enemies
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