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1 Neil Armstrong Neil Alden Armstrong was an American astronaut and aeronautical engineer who was the first person to walk on the Moon. He was also a naval aviator, test pilot, and university professor.

Always remember our hero Neil in these trying times. Mankind can do great things like this if we make the attempt

Neil Armstrong is one of my favorite people of all time. Apollo 11 is very inspiring.

He had the Right Stuff!

2 Muhammed Faris

The first Syrian astronaut.
Neil Armstrong' of the Arab world. Great human. Best Syrian man. One of the most important heroes in the Arab world.

Muhammad Fares my hero

Best of the best

3 Yuri Gagarin
4 Buzz Aldrin

Second person on the moon.

5 Valentina Tereshkova

First women is space.

6 John Glenn
7 Sally Ride

First american woman in space.

8 Chris Hadfield

1st Canadian commander of the ISS, 1st Canadian to walk in space, former fighter pilot and shuttle pilot, musician and scientist and engineer, made space popular again, etc..

Now I am 12 and My wish is to become an astronaut just like you.I always learn something new from Chris Hadfield really thankyou sooo much

9 Alan Shepard

Come on he should be number 1! he was the first american and second person in space!,and he sacrificed his life to go into space and even when the us space program wasn't doing well! plus he went to the moon sooo yeah.

He should be considered the first man in space instead of Gagarin (because Gagarin was a commie, and it would be immoral to give him regard).

First American in space

10 Mae Jemison
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11 Laika
12 Scott Carpenter
13 Kalpana Chawla

Best Indian astronaut. Forfeited her life for the cause of science.

14 Jim Lovell

The best astronaut to never have walked on the moon. Held the record for longest time in space (pre-space station era). Was the first person to fly to the moon twice. 2 Gemini missions (Gemini XII lasted 14 days) and 2 Apollo missions. Also considered the "most liked" among the New Nine

15 John Young

Gemini, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle. John Young is #1 in my book. Spent over 15 years as an astronaut and a lifetime devoted to space exploration. One of 12 men to have walked on the moon. Commanded STS-1 and proved the Space Shuttle was a flyable vehicle. Godspeed, John Young

Flew Gemini twice, walked on the moon in Apollo, first to fly space shuttle, flew sky lab...the man is the astronauts astronaut. All business and straight up talent/skill.

16 Guion Bluford
17 Gherman Titov
18 Gus Grissom

Killed in a fire with two other astronauts. Poor guy died too early.

19 Michael Collins

Best writer and I would argue by far the funniest out of all the Astronauts. A true intellectual who wrote the book on astronaut autobiographies - Carrying The Fire.

RIP may your memory be a blessing 1930-2021.

20 Luca Parmitano
21 Ham
22 Eugene Cernan

Last man on the moon

23 Alan Bean
24 Wally Schirra

Great astronaut, great guy, first person to fly in missions Mercury-Apollo.

25 Bruce McCandless II

He's the only astronaut to have the balls to fly in space teherless.

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