Top Ten Peppa Pig Episodes That Should Be Created


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21 Shadow The Hedgehog Shoots Peppa And George
22 Peppa Gets Pork Chopped

Then the family eats her bacon on sandwiches with her ham. - Lucretia

23 Daddy Pig Goes To Jail

For killing George

He got fat and he punched Danny dog


LOL! This ia very necessary - TwilightKitsune

24 Peppa's Family Dies in a Suicide Bombing

Yes - CiaranSean

25 George's Dinosaur Comes To Life And Eats Him Alive
26 Mummy Pig Abuse
27 Deadpool Kills Her


Peppa will get choped up by his blades
Hooray peppy dies after ewok party

28 Peppa Abuse

I really want to see peppa getting ambushed she really is so annoying. Shoot some bullets at her

29 The Whole Family Dies
30 Godzilla Stomps On Her Family
31 Danny Dog Gets Rabies
32 Peppa Turns Into A Pepper

That would be hilarious

33 Everyone Falls Down a Hole and Dies

Into undertale and undyne kills them all

34 Peppa Pig's Intro Gone Horribly Wrong (10 Minute Special)
35 Suzy Gets Stuck In The Wringer
36 Barney Visits

Barney: I love you, you love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too?
Peppa: No!
Barney: How could you? (turns into scary dinosaur and kills Peppa)

I hate both of them so they should get killed by Vegeta or Frieza from DBZ.

Ok in fine with that but I hate Barney

Barney:i love you. You love me. Were a happy family' with a great big hug, a kiss from you to me, won't you say you love me too? Peppa: No! Barney:(gasp) how could you! (Turns into a scary dinosaur and eats peppa)

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37 Oinkoinkoinkoinkoink

Oink? - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

I'll shoot her when she does that - Neonco31

Wut is this? Can somebody explain?


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38 Peppa Pig Paranormal Activity
39 Peppa's Pineapple Fever
40 Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Her
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