Top Ten Peppa Pig Episodes That Should Be Created


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41 Peppa Bites Bender's Shiny Metal Butt And Loses Her Teeth

I Would Want To See That!

Bite my shiny metal ass

Me too!

42 Peppa and Her Family eats ribs
43 George Pig is Gay!

Eww, no! - TopTenHaters

44 Mr Potato Gets Eaten Alive
45 I Got Sent To North Korea
46 Peppa Gets Killed by Robot and Monster and Cooked In Bacon.
47 Peppa's First Spanking

Or Peppa Pig becomes a portal test subject and GLaDOS destroys her.

Yes because she's meaner than Glados

Twilight spanks her with a belt - TwilightKitsune

48 Peppa Meets Spanky Ham

I really want to see peppa pig in Drawn together

Spanky Is 1 Billion Times Better Than Peppa - JPK

49 Baby Alexander Abuse

Sounded like Patrick from Spongebob is doing a bad baby sitting to Baby Alaxander

50 One Coarse Pig

This time, she actually does commits suicide! - Powerfulgirl10

So I Don't Have To See Her In Every damn Walmart,Target,And K-Mart Ever Again!

51 Pet Sitter Peppa
52 Peppa And Her Family Go To The Pig Slaughter House And They Get Killed

Yummy bacon - Gangem

53 Peppa and George Gets Eaten by a Titan from Attack on Titan
54 Daddy Pig Drink Drives


55 Mortal Kombat Crossover
56 Peppa Gets Locked Up In Windy Castle
57 Barney Visits

Barney: I love you, you love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too?
Peppa: No!
Barney: How could you? (turns into scary dinosaur and kills Peppa)

I hate both of them so they should get killed by Vegeta or Frieza from DBZ.

Ok in fine with that but I hate Barney

Barney:i love you. You love me. Were a happy family' with a great big hug, a kiss from you to me, won't you say you love me too? Peppa: No! Barney:(gasp) how could you! (Turns into a scary dinosaur and eats peppa)

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58 Peppa is so annoying, Kate & Mim-Mim will punish Peppa Pig

good idea

59 Peppa Finds True Love

Yes! Finally something that I would enjoy! Whoever put this here ' GOD BLESS YOU!


Danny Dog+Peppa Pig= ❤️ #Deppa4life
1 year later... Danny unleashes his savage roots and eats his mate aka Peppa 💀

60 Peppa Gets a job
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