Top Ten Peppa Pig Episodes That Should Be Created


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61 Bowser Captures Peppa
62 Suzy Sheep Abuse
63 Peppa Turns Into Bacon

Yay! She was a somewhat hillbilly anyway!

64 Peppa Gets Eaten by Chowder


65 Sans and Papyrus Meet Peppa and George Kill Papyrus and Sans Kills Them All
66 Obelix Eats the Family

Obelix:It's twelve twelve! Lunchtime!
Chef of the Titans:Next up, Peppa's family!

67 Peppa goes to Mars & gets killed by David Bowie
68 Mummy Has a Demon Baby that Possesses and Kills the Family
69 George Gets a Lap Dance from Miley Cyrus and Dies
70 SpongeBob Cuts Peppa's Head Off and Feeds It to Patrick
71 Enemy Elephant

Emily elephant becomes peppa's rival and they all die from her before a hero comes and kill Emily.

72 Peppa Gets a Splinter
73 The Mane Six Use The Elements Of Harmony To Turn Peppa Into Stone

Just Like They Did To Discord
But This Time Peppa Will Be Turned Into Stone FOREVER!

74 Spider-Man Spins A Web Around Peppa And George So They Shut Up
75 Shadow The Hedgehog Shoots Peppa And George
76 Peppa Gets Punched In The Face By A Ton Of Haters

Like Me!

77 Peppa Goes To Hell And Burns There!
78 Peppa is the next test subject in Portal and GLaDOs destroys her.
79 The Earthquake

RIP Peppa the stupid pig



Peppa: what is going on?
Dad: I don't know (his chair snaps in two)
Mum: I don't know either! (Her tea spills on her and she screams like an enraged baboon)
George: Dinosaur! Grrr! (Dinoraur the robot dino falls onto him and bites his shoulder)
Peppa: ! A 100.9 strenght earthquake! (Falls down)

*A crack opens up and everyones house falls put of the world*

Peppa Pig fell out of the world
George Pig fell out of the world
Mummy Pig fell out of the world
Daddy Pig fell out of the world
Everyone else fell out of the world

Peppa pig world explodes.
The end.

80 Rarity and Sweetie Belle Murder Her
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