Top Ten Peppa Pig Episodes That Should Be Created


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61 Mortal Kombat Crossover
62 Peppa Gets Locked Up In Windy Castle
63 Peppa is so annoying, Kate & Mim-Mim will punish Peppa Pig

good idea

64 Peppa Finds True Love

Yes! Finally something that I would enjoy! Whoever put this here ' GOD BLESS YOU!


Danny Dog+Peppa Pig= ❤️ #Deppa4life
1 year later... Danny unleashes his savage roots and eats his mate aka Peppa 💀

65 Peppa Gets a job
66 Peppa Goes on Vacation

I bet she would love a holiday at Africa, but while she is traveling to Africa, the plane will crash there and Peppa dies and goes to hell forever. Same goes for George.

67 Peppa Watches a TV Program About Pigs

Peppa sees the pigs get chopped up on a Ralph's commercial. - TopTenHaters

68 Peppa on Saw

She goes through every single trap only to have Billy use his tricycle to run her over and Jigsaw kill her

69 Bowser Captures Peppa
70 Suzy Sheep Abuse
71 Peppa Gets Eaten by Chowder


72 Sans and Papyrus Meet Peppa and George Kill Papyrus and Sans Kills Them All
73 Obelix Eats the Family

Obelix:It's twelve twelve! Lunchtime!
Chef of the Titans:Next up, Peppa's family!

74 Peppa goes to Mars & gets killed by David Bowie
75 Mummy Has a Demon Baby that Possesses and Kills the Family
76 SpongeBob Cuts Peppa's Head Off and Feeds It to Patrick
77 Enemy Elephant

Emily elephant becomes peppa's rival and they all die from her before a hero comes and kill Emily.

78 Peppa Gets a Splinter
79 The Mane Six Use The Elements Of Harmony To Turn Peppa Into Stone

Just Like They Did To Discord
But This Time Peppa Will Be Turned Into Stone FOREVER!

80 Spider-Man Spins A Web Around Peppa And George So They Shut Up
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