Top Percabeth Moments

Top Percy and Annabeth moments! :)
WARNING: Horrible Spoilers.

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1 The fall to Tartarus

I loved this moment! There are so many reasons why. PERCABETH 4 LIFE

Do I seriously need to say anything? "You are not getting away from me, never again." "As long as we're together" - Mikobonzi

Obvious choice, I know, but it was such a tear jerker. Also for some reason,I thought they were dead.

I mean... "You're not getting away from me. Never again."

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2 Underwater kiss

The best romantic moments

This was just.. it was beautiful. Finally everything was going right - Mikobonzi

Their real first kiss - Dev98


3 The reunion

I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And what it said I can cry

It was so sweet, yet kinda sad. - Dev98

4 When they fell asleep together

Bruh why is everyone on the Argo 11 so dirty minded poor frank

5 The lunch in Rome

It was their goodbye before she had to go on her solo quest. - Dev98

6 When Percy was dipping in the Styx

He had a vision of Annabeth, and that saved his life. - Dev98

I know right! The only reason idiot Hera didn't wipe his memeory of annabeth was because she was the person that kept him anchored to life.

That time leads to so many things! Imagine if Percy didn't remember her, and he had nothing else to think about!

"Hold on, Seaweed Brain.” It was Annabeth’s voice, much clearer now. “You’re not getting away from me that easily.”
The cord strengthened.
I could see Annabeth now – standing barefoot above me on the canoe lake pier. I’d fallen out of my canoe. That was it. She was reaching out her hand to haul me up, and she was trying not to laugh. She wore her orange camp T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was tucked up in her Yankees cap, which was strange because that should have made her invisible.
“You are such an idiot sometimes.” She smiled. “Come on. Take my hand.”
Memories came flooding back to me – sharper and more colorful. I stopped dissolving. My name was Percy Jackson. I reached up and took Annabeth’s hand. - StormyJay

7 Annabeth says how long she has been looking for him

Okay, I know Percy isn't in this one, but this is when we find out how much she loves and misses him. :( - Dev98

8 When she was scared about the Battle of the Labyrinth prophecy

They hugged. It was so sweet. - Dev98

9 "You drool in your sleep."

The first thing she ever said to him. This is too cute! Percabeth Forever!

This is too sweet should be in the top five

The first thing she said to him. - Dev98

10 When Percy denies immortality for Annabeth

Yes. Just yes.

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11 The van with the animal cages

It was when they first talked - Dev98

12 When Percy realizes Annabeth is beautiful
13 Their first kiss in the Labyrinth

I just read that and showed it to my friend who hasn’t read Percy Jackson yet but she rolled her eyes at me. She’s my best friend. She’s great. That’s true

14 Percy tells her he loves her in the Blood of Olympus

"They teach the daughter of love about true love, which they are without a doubt the best possible example of."- Ritz Cracker

15 “You dropped this”
16 ''The rivalry ends here.'' Percy said. '' I love you, Wise Girl''

It was not the best but I really loved that part

17 Leaving Epirus - "Bob says hello"

I just started crying and I don't know why.


18 When Annabeth gets kidnapped and Percy goes after her against Chiron's orders
19 When Annabeth is glad yet quite angary when she sees Percy at his "funeral" in The Battle Of The Labyrinth
20 When he saw Annabeth in aphrodite

! that's so sweet!

When did this happen?

21 Because you're my friend seaweed brain, any more stupid questions?
22 When Percy goes after Annabeth after Chiron tells him not to
23 When Percy saves Annabeth from the Sirens.
24 When Annabeth says she loves Percy while falling into Tartarus and wanted those to be her last words

This made me cry so hard - Mikobonzi

25 When Percy is So Tensed that Annabeth Would Join the Hunters of Artemis.
26 When Annabeth Judo Flipped Percy
27 When Annabeth Pulls Percy Out from the River Styx
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