Top Ten Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus Characters With the Saddest Pasts

Who do you think had the saddest past BEFORE THE SERIES?

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1 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

But like, the question is saddest PAST, not saddest sort-of present. Nico didn't really have that sad of a past, he just became emo when his sister died, and that happened during the PJO series.

Lost mother, dad is Lord of the Underworld, sister dead, friends nearly dead, crush since child, wrong time period, list goes on. - MasterBeef

He didn't exactly have a sad PAST, I mean, his mom died, but he's not the only orphan in the world, not even in PJO. Take Leo, Frank, Thalia and Jason, Hazel... the list goes on. Bianca dying was PRESENT, and the Cupid/Eros meeting was as well. He didn't even know he was pulled out of time, and his father liking Bianca more was also present.

Don't get me wrong, Nico is the character with the saddest life, just not PAST.

Reyna says she has never felt more pain when she helps him, Akhlys ( goddess of misery) said that had so much sorrow and pain. He lost his mom and sister. His dad made it clear that he would have preferred Bianca. He has a crush on Percy, who likes Annabeth. He was forced to confess his crush. He was pulled out of his own time, where being gay was unacceptable.

2 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

I agree with the top three.
Nico--Yes, I cried for him. Everybody was definitely used to seeing Nico dark, gloomy, lonely... but nice in the inside. Just today, I searched some Nico pictures, and all of them had a gloomy face. Then suddenly I recalled the times when Nico was still an optimistic person, wanting to help his friends, and was almost like Leo... every picture seemed like he was saying: "Since Bianca died, I never got to see her again." Gosh I'm gonna cry for him again...
Leo--Leo's past was too painful for everybody to bear. It was impossible for me to not feel bad for him... it was hard to mask your pain with a smiley face everyday. Hera was so evil! Leo was blamed for everything, and even the gods treat him like garbage at first. Nemesis's words stung, and I know how Leo felt. It was just devastating,
Hazel--If a person was bullied at a young age for a long time, they would never understand the true meaning of the joy of youth. Hazel was bullied for a long time ...more

Hismom died and he blamed himself for her death for years. What the hell

The guy that was blamed for everything, hurt, ignored and treated like the seventh wheel by just about everybody. But despite how Leo's friends treated him, he sacrificed himself for them. And they only realized how much they loved and missed him when he was gone.

At least I'm comforted to know he learnt to laugh again and got a second chance at life.

Leo's past has made me cry numerous times. I know Nico's past is sad I agree, but Leo's is depressing to me. Leo's mother died, Hera haunted him when he was young, he was blamed for his mother death, had numerous foster parents, none of those foster parents liked him, he is the seventh wheel, he died and came back to life, and he uses comedy to hide his pain. Leo and Percy are my favorite characters. Leo is an amazing hero and is so brace. His past makes me so sad. He is awesome.

3 Hazel Levesque

Hazel had to live with a half crazed mother be bullied for being a witch then sacrifices he self to save her mother then gets pulled into the future.



are y'all serious? this girl literally DIED to stop a giant from rising and GAVE UP ELYSIUM for her horrible mum. plus she was racially discriminated against in her past

Hazel DIED. And her life wasn't even good to begin with. How do you top that? She was called a WITCH, SEGREGATED, and EXPLOITED BY HER MOTHER AND A CREEPY EARTH LADY. She had is worse than anyone in these books

She literally died, but comes back an amazing character. She is the best!

4 Luke Castellan

His mom constantly fell in trance and predicted horrible things about future while green mist was around her while he was a little kid. Little kids are supposed to rely on their moms but Like was afraid of his, do afraid he hid in the closet. When he was nine he run off and he later felt guilty about it. His dad was also no help at all. He talked to him only once and never did anything to help his mom. But still he found his new family in Thalia and Annabeth and got happy. But then Thalia got turned into a tree and his friendship with Annabeth weakened. And let's face it, god's weren't good, Luke saw that right he only didn't see that titans are worse. He also was going through some dilemma about his cause. Then his body got possessed by Kronos which surely isn't a great feeling. And then he sacrificed himself for the world and died young. His whole life was a tragedy, Ancient Greeks would love him.

I think I understand why he felt that way. He was rejected by Hermes and his mom's creepy oracle thingy caused him trauma and he ran off. He got a scar in his first quest and tired out by everyone's pity, he went to Kronos.

Do NOT judge a book by its (or his) cover.

I agree that Leo Nico and Hazel had it worse, but not Annabeth. Luke had no parental figures in his entire life because basically his mom was insane and it terrified him and I think that's worse than losing your mom. Also, he ran away when he was a kid because of resentment towards his dad who cared for him but he didn't think that, was then tricked away by the bad guy, than got possesed by said bad guy, complete with mind control and forcing him to do things he normally wouldn't do like almost killing ANNABETH which he loves in a brotherely way, than realised he was being evil when he almost killed her, and stabbed himself and died a way more painful death then just normally stabbing yourself because he stabbed himself in his "Achilles heel" and yeah, I think that's about it.

Seriously. His life was so unfair. If I were in the books, I would have made sure he never bowed to Kronos.

5 Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

I came here expecting to say Leo instantly and I didn't because Reyna has been shunned and tossed around so much.
-No family (other than her sister who doesn't live near her)
-No love (turned down and left behind by everyone she may have liked)
-Carries a ton of stress (as Praetor, she is singlehandedly responsible for all of New Rome for most of the book series)
Yes, Leo and Frank lost their families. Annabeth ran from her's and has (literally) been through hell with Percy. Nico lost his mother and sister, but the seven + Nico all have friends and love and people to help them and commiserate with. Reyna has to deal with all of that on her own with no one else to even talk to and be responsible for New Rome.

Come on
A traumatized child hood
And she couldn’t forget it
At least Nico forgot about his last for a while

Percy and Jason both rejected her from their love life even though it was obvious she liked them. Sad.

Reyna is awesome...'enough said

6 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

She was abused by her stepmother and ran away. Then she had two friends, one who died defending them and one who was lost to Kronos. It's so sad! She also had to deal with the whole Calypso & Rachel thing.

Rejected by her father when she was born... Blamed by her stepmother for the bad luck... Forbidden by her stepmother to even speak to her brothers, let alone have an emotional bonding... Shunned by her stepmother from letting her daddy save her from her nightmares and protect her from her fears, making her leave the place she tried so hard to make her home... Living alone on the streets, fighting monsters with a hammer with her mother (athena)'s blessings till she found luke and thalia, a family she could call her own, only to save them single-handedly from a cyclops and lose thalia, her best friend, who, in a last stand battle, and sacrificed her life to save her, luke and grover... Protected percy and put her life on the line to keep him safe and never gave up on him or left his side, even if she almost lost him to calypso and rachel... even when he disappeared after he finally became hers, she never gave up on him and searched the world to get him back... Found her lost mother ...more

At least others got home and someone to help them. She is unwanted since she was born, got hated by her step-mom, ran away from home when she was 5, live in the streets and beat monsters with a hammer (with no powers, unlike almost everone else), met Luke and Thalia, but then Thalia got turned into a tree and Luke 'changed' since his golden apple quest and turn into Kronos, then Luke died by her dagger. Hooray.

She was always stuck with her step mother who didn't't do Squat for Annabeth. Her best friend Thalia was killed by a Cyclops. She has gone through almost as much pain as Leo. She was only 5 when Luke and Thalia found her in an abandoned warehouse.

7 Zoe Nightshade

I'm not crying you are! *sadly wipes tear from face and continues crying silently*

She followed her heart and it got her kicked out of her family, just for helping someone - Lexiebutter12

Bob is technically saying hello to his granddaughter...excuse me, I'm going over there to cry now.

1. She was the daughter of a titan 2. She helped Hercules for her own good 3. She was kicked out of the hesperdes 4. She died

8 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy was abused at home by Gabe.
Percy was worried for his mother (because he didn't know if she was being abused and because they didn't have much money).
Percy was bullied at school.
Percy was expelled several times for things out of his control.
Percy had severe learning disabilities.
Percy thought his mother died right when he thought everything was looking up.
Percy found a place for kids like him, before getting his head dunked in a toilet bowl.
Percy gets ganged up on and injured.
Percy is claimed (because Poseidon needed help).
Percy meets his father and is told he was never supposed to exist.
Percy blames himself for Bianca, Zoe and so many other demigods' deaths.
Percy loses his memories and is put to sleep for eight months.
Percy falls into Tartarus because he wanted to save the girl he loved.
Percy almost kills a goddess because he lost control of his emotions and later feels bad and doesn't care that he's about to die because of ...more

People often underestimate Percy's past. They think he must have had an easy life, being so well-liked. But...Imagine waking up everyday of your life, knowing you were going to be abused. Imagine one day, your world just comes crashing down. Your mother is taken (probably dead), your best friend's unconcious and is not who he said he was, the car crashed and an ancient and powerful monster after your blood and you're there, defenseless. Finally finding a place to be safe, but the first few people you meet try to dunk you in the toilet bowl. Imagine being claimed by your birth father; only because he wanted you to do something for him. Imagine completing the task but when you arrive to inform your father, he acts like you're not there and tells his brother that you were simply a MISTAKE. He doesn't even acknowledge you! And people often forget that Percy was BULLIED at school, just because he stood up for other people. And I'm pretty sure you would not be happy if someone kept on ...more

Percy suffered so much. From abuse, to high expectations, to bullying.
And he doesn't complain. He pretends it never happened.
I think Percy, Leo and Nico had the saddest pasts.
Percy pretended he was never in pain.
Leo covered the pain with humour.
Nico shoved the pain in everyone's faces.
(WHY IS ANNABETH ABOVE PERCY? She read the situation wrong! Her family cares about her! Annabeth running away was a 7 year old having a tantrum.)

Everyone thinks that Percy had the best past.
It was never confirmed, but it was insinuated that Percy was abused by Gabe.
So Percy was abused by Gabe. His family didn't have much money. He was expelled from every school he attended. He was bullied at school for being different. He had severe ADHD and severe dyslexia. Most people say that all demigods have ADHD and dyslexia, but that's not true. Most demigods have only minor ADHD or minor dyslexia. Not severe both.
Then he believed his mother was killed. And he finally found a place where he fit in (CHB)! Then his head was stuffed down a toilet.
He was claimed by his father. Only because Poseidon wanted to clear HIS OWN name. When Percy meets his father for the first time, he is told it was a MISTAKE he was born. And that's only the beginning.

9 Thalia Grace

Guys I think Thalia has the worst past in the series. Just think about it;

Her mother turned mad because of her obsession with Zeus/Jupiter. She began to drink. Her drunkness, then later her loss of her son, caused of her end. After she lost Jason, she literally lost her mind too this time. She later died in a car crash.

Thalia had to life in this kind of life. She lost her mother; and she probably blames herself for it too as we saw it in the Underworld when she faced with her mother's ghost. She lost her brother Jason when he was a child. Her life has messed up by the Hera from the very start.

Then she ran away, met with Luke and Annabeth. They became family. Then Thalia, in order to protect her own family that she built, gave her own life. Zeus at the last minute decided to turn Thalia into a tree so Thalia would be alive; but in a tree form. Technically she's living but not really.

When she woke up, she woke up to a nightmare. Learnt that there is a ...more

Thalia may not have had it worse than Hazel, but she DEFINITELY had it worse than Annabeth. She basically lived like a hunted animal until her final stand. She had a bad relationship with her mother, Hera stole her little brother, she ran away from home and lived alone avoid monsters until she met Luke, and then she sacrificed herself to save her friends

Why a daughter of Zeus have bad luck

Thalia is my favorite c. She sacrificed her self for her friends.

10 Calypso

She never knew the titans were bad, so she just helped them and thought she was on the good side. Then, she was forced to stay on a lonely island forever. Often, heroes would come. She would always love them and they would love her back, but they always left and never came back.

Until Leo got her out of the lonely island at the end of Blood of Olympus. - Anonymousxcxc

Why calypso? Yes her past isn't the best but it's a hell a lot better than other people on this list! - WhoareuCanada

Calypso was literally imprisoned for eternity because she helped her dad and his friends. The gods then forgot about her when Percy asked for her freedom. Not to mention every single person she liked left her and that was the gods' way of saying "Haha you suck" until Leo came along.

I'm sorry how is this NOT bad?

All the ladies love leo especially this badass chick.

The Contenders

11 Frank Zhang

No one in the above list have life tied to a burning piece of wood

I would feel so scared if my life was tied to stick, and when it burned I'd die!

His mother died in war he was blamed for his great grandfather shun lun and his life was tied on a burnt stick

12 Ella

Ella small. Ella weak. Ella useless. Ella sisters hate her. Phineas wants Ella chained and hurt, and tried to be killed. *sniff, sniff*

She was small and pushed around because she was small and weak. Also, Phineas tries to hurt her for being smart and memorizing the books

Poor, poor, Ella. Sweet little Ella. One who deserved so much better.

Poor Ella

13 Sally Jackson

Domestic violence, sees her son like once a year, kinda died once, and the love of her life left her forever. Yeah, she had a great past.

She really had such a horrible childhood, and a horrible adulthood too.

She definitely had a worse life than percy. Why is he higher up?

She had a very rough life, she should be on the top ten

14 Echo

She deserves to be higher! Poor thing.
Echo: Deserves to be higher! Poor thing.
Right, echo, but you know, Leo was nice to you.
Echo: Leo was nice to you
That's the right attitude!
Echo: Right attitude?
Echo: yup?
Yeah, keep knowing that people don't think you're useless!
Echo: People don't think you're useless!

Echo is forced not to speak what she wants to.

She is so sweet and kind

15 Bob (Iapetus)

Bob's struggle with memory and personal morals was heart breaking and highly relatable. Bob's sacrifice was wonderfully done as was Percy's promise to tell the stars hello for him.

The first (and only) time I have ever cried at a book was when he sacrificed himself and said, "Say hello to the sun and stars for me,". It wasn't even dramatic. I was only this sad in Kane Chronicles, when Bes lost his memory, or Charlottes Web, when Charlotte died. Those times I didn't cry. This time I did. This should be the list.

1. Leo Valdez

2. Bob/Iapetus

3. Nico de Angelo

4. Percy Jackson

5. Annabeth Chase (Why? She was a misfit in HER OWN HOUSE so eventually she ran away. Then she met Luke and Thalia. She then lost Thalia, (at the moment she was gone) and in the final book she SPOILER ALERT lost Luke. Well she had already lost him when he was Kronos)

He was so kind. He did kill his father though

"Bob says hello" he told the stars - CalebPro

16 May Castellan

She wanted to help the Oracle and free it and what she got from it? She became mad and started speaking and seeing dark future for her son. Her own son was afraid of her and there was nothing she could do about it, she was cursed. Hermes, whom she dearly loved, never bothered to visit. Then her son ran away from her when he was nine. She must have been really worried especially since she saw dark future ahead of him. But she still makes him sandwiches and Kool-aid for him, not knowing that he is never gonna come back. She also probably didn't have a good family or her family is dead because none of them ever bothered to see her. And I know this is about past, but you know she is probably still alone in kitchen,making sandwiches for Luke not knowing that he is now dead. - PercyJacksonfan

"I thought of May Castellan, in her kitchen, happily making sandwiches and Kool-aid for a son that wasn't ever coming back."

--I'm not crying--I'm just--sweating--from my eyes.

Still making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Kool aid, and burnt cookies for a son she doesn't know isn't come home.

Oh god oh god oh god this woman is beautiful her past is oh god give me a moment I'm sorry oh god oh god
cry cry cry cry need I say more

17 Hades

Hades has hate when 1. the world could be poor for he controls the earth 2. he didn't want to steal persephone it was zeus's idea 3. hades doesn't want people to die. it would be a nightmare 4. he could have been king of gods for he was oldest but he let them draw lots and he let his brothers go first 5. He helped fight kronos when no gods did. he is constantly hated and he does not even have a throne on mount olympus

Why do people hate him? Literally he's the ruler of the underworld! A place where those who died havw their consequences! Evil gets tortured, and good gets rewarded. Honestly, I think people should stop fearing death! I'm fixing to put 99.99% of the fandom in the "least favorite heroes of olympus characters"

Was the loser. Was the outsider. Was the infinitieth wheel. Lost his family. Had no friends. Had to live like that forever.

He made Thalia's life MISERABLE

18 Tyson

Tyson lived on the streets and got attacked by monsters and he was like five.

Totally. Listening to his childhood almost made me cry

19 Piper

People always misjudge her..

I don’t get why piper McLean is on this list

€Look at me I’m piper. I don’t have enough time with my dad.” Well at least you have a parent. How bout you trade with Leo, Nico, Hazel, Frank, or Jason even. - Riverstix5555

20 Meg McCaffrey

Where do I start. Her father died. Nero adopted her and Tried to Use her!

Meg constantly being abused by Nero, how is that not a horrible backstory? - CalebPro

21 Bianca di Angelo

I feel like she should be higher up, higher than Percy at least.

Are you kidding me Percy was abused. Bianca just had a slightly messed up life. - Riverstix5555

She died in a robot foot.

22 Damasen

He tried to be good for percy and annabeth but he died in the end

And he also had to fight a drakon everyday for aeons

23 Silena Beauregard

Let me make it clear, that this is a list about saddest pasts, not saddest presents. She ended up in ELYSIUM with her boyfriend!

She died saving olympus from a draken attack, she was tricked into being a spy for luke because he was nice to her and then she got her boyfriend killed

24 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

People say that Rachel's past isn't horrible but I have to disagree because like Piper she does spend rarely any time with either of her parents but when she does they try to shape her to their expectations instead of actually loving their daughter and she is a mortal so at camp their are people who have amazing powers while the Oracle of Delphi can happen at any time which Rachel doesn't remember that usually leaves her exhausted.

How's that worse than anyone else's life?

She had rich and controlling parents

She was privileged.

25 Clarisse

All she did was dunk new kids heads in the toilet.

Why is she on this list

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