Best "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" Characters of All Time

The Top Ten Best "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" Characters of All Time

1 Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

He was my favorite character but then he turned out to be gay so rip - Teravolt1422

Real dark and cool
Best son of hades or Pluto

Nico beat Percy? YES!

Nico lost so much in his past and fell in Tartarus alone but in all our hearts he was an amazing hero

2 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Come on people percy is the only one with a good personality.

Really funny and powerful

Seriously, Percy's not no.1on best characters? kill me now.u just made me hate nico! curse you, I liked nico! why u do dis 2 me? percy best, he should Bueno.1,not NICO!


3 Annabeth Chase


4 Grover Underwood
5 Tyson

“You are not dead. I like it when you are not dead.” Tyson to Percy

6 Thalia Grace

Lightning girl

7 Rachel Elizabeth Dare
8 Luke Castellan

Died killing kronos

9 Chiron
10 Clarisse La Rue

The Contenders

11 Jason Grace
12 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).
13 Frank Zhang

Can shapeshift!
Don’t need to say more

Son of mars... I don’t know... BOWWW

14 Sally Jackson
15 Will Solace

Laid back guy, but can be cool

16 Reyna

Could kill anyoen

17 Bianca di Angelo
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