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1 You hit the lord of the titans with a plastic hair brush

It's a blue plastic hairbrush!

Lol, Rachel just yeets a blue hairbrush at a Titan.

Obviously the best

Lol, you go Rachel

2 This is a pen

This is only in the movies. I don't like this one

Bravo you know what it is

Yes, well noticed Percy.

Yes, percy that is a pen

3 The end of the world happened when a pegasus landed on my car

I love Blackjack, he's so funny.

Well done Blackjack,announcer of the end of the world

Really witty

4 Seaweed brain

Annabeth says that she calls Percy this because he sometimes acts dumb

Literally the best nick name for Percy.

Annabeth's best lines...

Annabeth calles Percy this 24/7, fr

5 The normal day when, you realize a titan is standing behind you

So great, and honestly so much better than the others to me!

6 The look in her eyes was beyond mad. It was evil.
7 Imagine the world in chaos, that is today
8 Pinecone face

Literally an insult on Thalia when she was a pine tree.

9 Suffering. I love suffering!! Let's do this.

Leo Valdez, Supersized Mcshizzle. Bad Boy Supreme. "Can we call them Bad Storm Spirits? Because Venti sounds like evil espresso drinks"

Classical Leo, always trying to lighten the mood.

Yay. Lets suffer guys

Team Leo for life!

10 Death breath
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11 Bob says hello.

This is the SADDEST quote ever

*tear* *tear* saddest quote ever

tears tears tears tears

12 With great power comes the great need to nap.

This is Nico’s ICONIC line. Nobody can forget about this. It was just so funny when Nico told Percy to water him up later. Lol.

I can't stop laughing!

13 Let's go to the damn snackbar

This should be number 1. I still find it funny today!

A very funny joke like , while I don't want to say.

This line still makes me laugh when I hear it!

The dam jokes are so funny

14 Tremble before the horrors of Diet Coke

Like duh it should be number 1.

This should be up higher.

This brings mr d’s popularity to a whole new level

diet coke is terrifying O-O

15 Lets go save some gods
16 Spoiler alert! Yeah! Who Died? Who came back? Who's your freakin' supervised Mcshizzle now baby? Woooooooooo!

This should be #1 all time! Team Leo for life!

17 You drool in your sleep.

OMFG, this is the classical line at the start of the lightning thief. How was this not on here earlier. I had to ADD it on. It should be first. Anyone who doesn’t vote for this is a dishonour to the Percy Jackson fandom and is not a true fan.

Annabeth said this

18 Tell the sun and stars hello for me.

Possibly the saddest quote I ever read.

this made me SO sad, I love bob

19 She wanted me to betray you guys, and I was like, 'Pfft, right, I'm gonna listen to a face in the potty sludge'.
20 Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible. It means you brave enough to stand up and do what's needed

Piper is so wise sometimes... so many people don't give her all the credit she deserves...

21 Oh no! Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!...... I said, Frank is turning into a CRAZY DOLPHIN!


22 On the third attack, Hazel nearly ate a boulder.

It makes me laugh every time. Awesome intro to an awesome book :)

23 Yours in demigodishness, and all that. Peace out!
24 Even strength has to bow down to wisdom sometimes

Bravery is overrated, what's the point in being brave and charging into battle if you don't have a decent strategy to stop you from getting killed?

25 I'm nobody's sidekick

I believe that this is a great quote. It explains in just three words that Annabeth is brave and independent. In truth, this is a wise quote from the daughter of wisdom herself.

Annabeth isn't a sidekick, she just isn't the main character.

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