Top Ten Best Perfect Cell / Imperfect Cell / Semi-Perfect Cell Quotes from Dragon Ball Z

The Top Ten

1 ...must you always treat everything like it's the end of the world...I simply want to get as much out of this planet as I can...This tournament is sure to be a guaranteed hit.Everyone will be watching me.I just can't wait to see that look of panic & fear!
2 You Saiyans are like cockroaches. Squash one, and another crawls out from the wall.
3 Disappointing. He promises me a challenge and he gives me nothing but a child!
4 ...My design was meant to include the powers of Androids 17 & 18.Without them I can never be complete...It's what I was created to do.Of course,it may also be the blood of Vegeta and Frieza coursing through my veins which fuels my desire for more power.
5 You fool! Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon!?
6 Little by little, I shall reveal to you...the perfect power that lies within me.
7 He should feel lucky. He's the first one to be touched by my perfect body.
8 Yes, he is a brave one. Incredibly stupid, but brave nonetheless.
9 Oh're making a joke...I do so enjoy your classic Saiyan wit.
10 Rejoice my brother and sister. The three of us are like pieces to a puzzle, designed and destined to fit together and form one whole. Unite with me and fulfill Dr. Gero's dream to create the ultimate warrior.
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