Best Performances from the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert

On Oct 16, 1992 many diverse and popular artists gathered at MSG in New York City to celebrate the songs and music of Bob Dylan on the 30th anniversary of his first recordings in a four hour show. Dubbed "Bobfest" by Neil Young, it was broadcast around the world. Many notable performers and some of the greatest supporting musicians made great contributions. Available on CD and video.
The list concept isn't just about the better song or favorite performers; it's a combo of the delivery, the song, the person, and I decided not to consider weighing in sentiment or song or importance of Dylan's own solo lead performances for the top ten, although some quite strong he wasn't at his best vocally and so many of the others were fantastic in salute and tribute.

The Top Ten

My Back Pages - Dylan/Harrison/McGuinn/ Clapton/Young/Petty

What an incredible group of musicians. - PetSounds

It was awesome. Best musicians - Ananya

If only Roy Orbison could have been there for a Travelin Wilbury reunion.

"I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now"

Yes! Took me awhile to really understand that but I So get it now! - Billyv

Emotionally Yours - The O'Jays

Great, creative Gospel like rendition with strong vocals. - Billyv

Absolutely Sweet Marie - George Harrison

George's first U.S. performance in 20 years at the time. Of course, he and Dylan had many strong connections and interactions; Dylan was featured at Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh, which was Dylan's return to the stage after a motorcycle accident and time off. - Billyv

Love Minus Zero/No Limit - Eric Clapton

Clapton is one of many who cover Dylan well. - Billyv

Highway 61 Revisited - Johnny Winter

Winter did a nice, fun job with this one. - Billyv

All Along The Watchtower - Neil Young

Not Hendrix of course but Neil was more than up to the task. I had a little trouble deciding which of his 2 song efforts to put here but this song's status and popularity swung the ranking. - Billyv

What Was It You Wanted - Willie Nelson

A beautiful, subdued and expressive rendition. Willie hit the mark on the delivery of this one. - Billyv

Just Like A Woman - Richie Havens

I've long been an admirer of Richie Haven's voice and acoustic playing. He covered a lot of Dylan songs and this is one of my favorites of Bob"s which I love to sing. And Richie does it so well. - Billyv

I Shall Be Released - Chrissie Hynde

I'm a huge fan of Chrissie and the Pretenders and she really seemed to be enjoying herself here, and with a great intro of George Harrison a bit later in the show - Billyv

Like A Rolling Stone - John Mellancamp

Solid performance but got the number ten spot over other worthy candidates as it opened the show and got things off to a terrific start. - Billyv

Looking in awe at the above setlist and musician lineup, could we maybe get Ted Nugent to sneak in to some 2015 "music" concert and go full-auto to annihilate all the current posers, fakers, frauds, ripoff artists, twerkers, lip-synchers, and auto-tuned androids.

The Contenders

Girl of the North Country - Bob Dylan

Solo acoustic to close the show - Billyv

Fool of Pride - Lou Reed
When I Paint My Masterpiece - The Band
Masters of War - Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Eric Clapton

Highlight of the show in my opinion. Love minus zero was a solid cover, but he blew the roof off what Don't think twice it's alright. Electrictrifying performance.

Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Neil Young
Gotta Serve Somebody - Booker T and the M.G.s

Booker T, Steve Cropper, Don "Duck" Dunn, Anton Fig, Jim Keltner providing solid work as the house band backing most performances - Billyv

Seven Days - Ron Wood

A lesser known song that Ron Wood did a good job with, sounding somewhat like Dylan. - Billyv

It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding - Bob Dylan
Mr Tambourine Man - Roger McGuinn
Knocking On Heaven's Door - Everyone
Blowin' in the Wind - Stevie Wonder
It Ain't Me Babe - June Carter and Johnny Cash
You Ain't Goin Nowhere - Carpenter/ Cash/Colvin
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