Community Debating Discussions #35 Is Kareem Hunt Ray Rice 2.0?

Alright now I have almost a week to talk about this, and to all those sports fans is there a thing such as double standards in terms of punishments. This leads to one of the most promising young players in the NFL Kareem Hunt who kicked a woman at a hotel back in February earlier this year. Later he had another altercation in a different setting, and punched a man in June why didn't they just at worse punish Hunt, and take the six game suspension instead of just hiding it? Literally almost done with the regular season, and now the running portion of the Chiefs is taken away, and word is the owner even tried to help Hunt by pretending nothing happened I mean that would look bad he had absolutely no other choice but to release Kareem Hunt. Now we debate if this was right thing for the organization?

I'm saying yes to a certain degree yes Hunt lied about the allegation that would come back to bite him so in the aspect yes it does unfortunately have to happen. What makes the matter more confusing thing is however look at guys like Joe Mixon, or Tyreek Hill, Jamies Winston these guys still play in the league right, but their background of being good tolerant people is not cleared up by any sorta logic making the NFL a league with flawed policies of many sorts. I mean I hate to be the one to oh I don't know look into these now than see these players get off scott free. I mean can't we just evaluate guys like Tyreek Hill, Antonio Callaway, and Jameis Winston before the season starts this hurts a team morally down the road, and if i'm a Chiefs fan i'm not saying it to hurt your team, but to realize the type of players that are troubling in real life outside of football. Same goes for troubled repeat offenders like Reuben Foster who the Redskins of all teams decide to give him a shot for whatever the case is all never know what logic behind Doug Williams on that call. Actually let's take a good history of those troubled former NFL players that sound familiar shall we.

Aldon Smith pretty much what Reuben Foster is not with having a good season at all. Johnny Manziel his clean now, but when he was released he was a mess. Montee the former Denver Bronco second round pick his career ended in 2016 because of doing the wrong thing hitting a woman. Junior Galette former linebacker for the saints was a repeat offender eventually bounced outta the league. Both Ray McDonald's Defensive End and the Safety are no different in real life apparently. I'm sure most of you remember Greg Hardy right the former Carolina Panther who had that nice season well he follows that up in the off-season by having a load of guns on top of the former ex-girlfriend of his I mean the imagery alone is awful to imagine. Played for Dallas and was a bad influence like Jason Garrett said, but guess what his career looks to have turned the better his in the UFC how about that stay away from him. Finally of course Ray Rice who is the ultimate comparison to Kareem Hunt's treatment his getting. He and his wife who shockingly are still together since that video head up to some random hotel, and Ray Rice lays the biggest TKO punch you will ever an NFL player don't be like that, and at least what I can respect from Ray Rice is his teaching Kareem Hunt not to be like that. Here's the problem did he go into the same path as Ray Rice, will he get signed to a different team, and if so can he avoid getting into anymore reckless trouble if not goodbye so much potential gone for being an idiot. I would of said he got set up it looked like, but not the second report he hits somebody else in June can't defend that one bit.

Well that's all I gotta say on the Kareem Hunt situation that has been buzzing for quite sometimes now I just needed to discuss to see where sports fans, or even casual fans in general how do you feel about this go unfold do you defends Kareem Hunt's actions, is the NFL's conduct policy needed to be rewritten? I would like to here you full take please I'll be glad to hear from you guys for now woman are people too you know not to harm.


I have two words. Video evidence. The reason Hunt is out of Kansas City is solely because of the clear video evidence that shows him attacking that woman. It seems that whenever there’s video evidence, the punishments are worse, as though the league wants to look good in punishing players whose wrong-doings are captured on footage for the public to see. Take Ray Rice of course for example. There was clear cut video evidence of him RKOing his now wife. After that video surfaced, he never played a down of football again. Also, there’s Adrian Peterson, who was suspended for a whole season after video evidence of him beating up his girlfriend or wife. Then we have guys like Rueben Foster, which in his incident, there was no video evidence, so his punishment most likely won’t be as severe. Additionally, the Redskins claimed him off waivers. They probably wouldn’t have if there was footage of Foster in his domestic violence incident. The reason Kareem Hunt wasn’t claimed off waivers is because of the footage of him attacking that woman. No team wants to look bad in signing a guy who people know is bad because they have seen the video. The footage is what defines a person in this case, and it did so for Hunt. The Chiefs made the right move in releasing him. - PackFan2005

I feel like if Kareem Hunt would’ve at least told the truth to the Chiefs organization then he wouldn’t have been cut and only would have been suspended for 6 games or something. There’s been players who’ve done worse and weren’t as severely punished due to inconsistent punishments. But I think he was released because of a liability issue. - Randomator