NFL Weeks 14 &15 Analysis

As The season starts to wind down we enter crunch time. It’s like that Finals feeling in school. If you want to finish strong you have to make a statement here. And yes I forgot a week so I’m gonna kill 2 birds with one stone this time
Week 14
Tennessee 30 (7-6) Jacksonville 9 (4-9)
This game was pretty much a one man slugfest. The Titans were able to beat up on the Jags thanks to one guy. Derrick Henry ran so much you could report him for animal abuse by constantly running over Jaguars. The Titans kept their playoff hopes alive with this win. Jacksonville please take a seat on the couch!

Green Bay 34 (5-7-1) Atlanta 20 (4-9)
Weren’t these two teams in the NFC championship a few years ago? And now neither will make the playoffs? Funny how that works. Got good news and bad news Packers. The good news is you won a game without McCarthy. The bad news is it’s a little too late now. Congratulations to both Atlanta and Green Bay on clinching home couch advantage in the playoffs!

Kansas City 27 (11-2) Baltimore 24 (7-6) OT
Here we have a showdown between two teams looking to punch their ticket to the playoffs. Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson went toe to toe but in the end the Chiefs survived on not one but 2 4th down plays to extend the game. As well as a Butker Field goal and with that win KC has punched their ticket to the playoffs. The question still remains though. Will they finally break through or will they fall victim to Andy Reid once again? Baltimore might have lost but they’re still a formidable opponent and still has a decent shot

New York Jets 27 (4-9). Buffalo 23 (4-9)
And what do we have here? A Tank Bowl between two dumpster fire teams! The Bills led most of the game but in the end it was Darnold and the Jets who were victorious over Allen and the Bills. But that win will do you no favors in the draft Jets! So the Bills were the real winners here

New York Giants 40 (5-8) Washington 16 (6-7)
Okay I expected you to lose Washington but I did NOT see that one coming. Sure the offense is a train wreck but I thought your defense would at least show some sort of pulse. Instead all we got was the G men destroying you to pieces

New Orleans 28 (11-2). Tampa Bay 14 (5-8)
After losing to Dallas last week the Saints rebounded nicely by avenging their opening season loss. The Bucs had a 11 point lead but Drew Brees was able to lead the comeback charge and with that win the Saints will make the playoffs by winning the NFC South.

New England 33 (9-4). Miami Miracles 34 (7-6)
“Well here’s another game that the Pats will win. Despite them struggling in southern Florida I think the Pats can pull it off. New England had them 28-33 Dolphins have no chance it’s game over.”
Or is it? The Dolphins were able to keep pace with New England the entire game and then they do this to keep themselves alive. I would’ve felt bad for the Pats but no they used Gronk on that final play! I have no sympathy for them. Congratulations Dolphins! Way to make the Pats fans cry for once!

Indianapolis 24 (7-6). Houston 21 (9-4)
The Red Hot Texans were looking to all but seal the deal in the AFC South but unfortunately for them Andrew Luck and TY Hilton has other ideas. The Texans had no answer for them and their winning streak is history. Indy picked up a huge win and kept themselves right in the mix.

Cleveland 26 (5-7-1) Carolina 20 (6-7)
The Panthers have been slipping lately and Cleveland took advantage. Simply put the Browns outplayed the Panthers and thus Carolinas misery continues. There’s two things that I see from this game. 1.) Cleveland is still in the running for a playoff spot
2.) Carolina is in deep trouble now. There’s no room for error

Denver 14 (6-7). San Francisco 20 (3-10)
Despite the Broncos looking solid in the past few weeks they unfortunately decided to fall apart against one of the worst teams in football. That’s a real damn shame that you couldn’t pick up a crucial win. Sure Emmanuel Sanders was out but that is no excuse

Los Angeles Chargers 26 (10-3). Cincinnati 21 (5-8)
Although this game was close it still was no surprise. Phillip Rivers got it done once again and Michael Badgley also did his part. The Bolts have all but secured a playoff bid and have a shot at the division. Meanwhile Congratulations Cincy! You’ve clinched a spot on the couch this postseason! Please take a seat next to the Packers and Falcons!

Philadelphia 23 (6-7). Dallas 29 (8-5) OT
This was a crucial game for both teams and it was a thriller. The Cowboys really showed their offensive capabilities as Amari Cooper sealed the victory. The Cowboys have all but clinched the division while Philly is stuck fighting for a wild card spot.

Detroit 17 (5-8). Arizona 3 (3-10)
Ugh this game was so terrible. It was another one of those games where both teams deserve to lose but someone has to win. The Lions May have won the game but in the end it was the Cards who won. The first round pick might not be out of reach after all

Oakland 24 (3-10). Pittsburgh 21 (7-5-1)
Well well well what have we here? A Golden opportunity for the Black and gold brigade to make a statement with The Texans Ravens and Pats all losing. It should have been an easy win. But no instead they blew a perfect chance. And don’t give me the James Connor was out or Chris Boswell slipped up excuse. You guys just sucked today

Chicago 15 (9-4). LA Rams 6 (11-2)
The score won’t show it but Chicago dominated the Rams highly explosive offense. Goff had his worst game of the season and Gurley couldn’t get anything going. Chicago wasn’t much better on offense but the defense mauled the Rams. The division is theirs for the taking. I don’t know if I’m ready to see Chicago great at football again.

Seattle 21 (8-5). Minnesota 7 (6-6-1)
To conclude week 14 we get a defensive battle between two teams who are fighting for a playoff spot. The game was a very defensive battle but the Seahawks eventually broke through. The Vikings couldn’t get anything going on either side of the ball. Kirk Cousins proves that he still can’t beat a team over.500. (Insert OVER- RATED chant here) Minnesota Kirk might not be the Quarterback you’re looking for.

Now Onto Week 15
Teams Eliminated: Arizona, San Francisco,Detroit, NYG,Tampa Bay,Atlanta, Green Bay,Oakland, Jacksonville,Cincy,NYJ, Denver
Teams who’ve Clinched: KC,LAR,LAC,Chicago,New Orleans

LA Chargers 29 (11-3) Kansas City 28 (11-3)
This is exactly why I was cautious about this Chiefs team. The offense was good but the defense was a whole other level of bad. How the hell do you leave a guy that wide open on the 2 point conversion??? This is a prime example of how being a Chiefs fan is painful. At least it’s a preview of what’s to come in January... Meanwhile don’t sleep on LA’s B team! The Rams are struggling lately and this team is red hot at the right time. Could this be the year Phillip Rivers finally gets his ring?

Houston 29. (10-4). New York Jets 22 (4-10)
Okay what was this? Houston you should have dominated this game. How did you let the Jets back in this game? You haven’t clinched anything yet. You’re lucky you got off the hook.

Cleveland 17 (6-7-1). Denver 16 (6-8)
This game was a do or die for both sides. It was a back and forth game But in the end Baker and the Browns survived at mile high. The Broncos are done. The Browns surprisingly still have life. If they can win out and get some help they can make it.

Chicago 24 (10-4). Green Bay 17 (5-8-1)
Unlike the previous showdown the Pack will not use Aaron Rodgers to bail them out. Not like there was any reason to since they are already out. Da Bears have made it official. They are the NFC North champions. And it just so happens that they went to the NFC championship last time they won the North. Could they repeat that this time around?

Buffalo 14 (5-9). Detroit 13 (5-9)
Nothing much to say here. Neither team deserved to win because it would hurt them in the draft but someone had to win. Josh Allen rallied the Bills to an unnecessary win that Acomplished nothing but eliminating Detroit

Baltimore 20 (8-6). Tampa Bay 12 (5-9)
Not the prettiest game but Lamar Jackson helped Baltimore get back on track and win. The Ravens don’t look like your typical 8-8 team. Lamar Jackson brings a new style to this team that could make them potentially dangerous

Atlanta 40 (5-9) Arizona 14 (3-11)
Hey look another battle of the tanks! Again we have to sit through a death beating to the Cardinals as Atlanta handles them with ease. It’s a miracle Arizona still has enough corpses to play a game every single week. But regardless the First Round Pick is within their sights once again.

Cincinnati 30 (6-8). Oakland 16 (3-11)
*yawn* Another battle of the tanks? Gimme a break! Just read what I said about Atlanta/Arizona same thing here. Next

Tennessee 17 (8-6). New York 0 (5-9)
Derrick Henry did it again! While not as impressive as the Jacksonville game the Titans still manhandled a rebuilding Giants team to keep their slim playoff hopes alive

Minnesota 41 (7-6-1). Miami 17 (7-7)
Well no miracle this time in fact they got flat out destroyed by the Vikings who look to assert themselves as a wild card team. Dalvin Cook was a huge factor in that win. Miami isn’t done yet but they will need another miracle to get in the playoffs

Washington 16 (7-7). Jacksonville 13 (4-10)
This is one of those games that sounds interesting at the beginning of the season but it turns out to be a boring slugfest game that is to be expected when you have Cody Kessler and Josh Johnson both going at it. In the end it was Washington on top who managed to stay on the edge of the playoff hunt. Hey Jags maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a real quarterback for once

Indianapolis 23 (8-6) Dallas 0 (8-6)
I’m gonna be honest I would have thought this score would be the other way around back before the season started. But your defense showed up this week. Shutting down one of the hottest offensive units in the league and they unleashed Marlon Mack who Ran all over the Cowboys. Indy I have to admit you have stunned me. You might be inconsistent as hell and have injuries out the wazoo but here you are in the bulk of the playoff hunt. Impressive! Dallas on the other hand opened the division gates back up for Philly to steal a division crown

Seattle 23 (8-6). San Francisco 26 (4-10) OT
Man Seattle is on a roll lately. Only a brick wall could stop them. It name is the 49ers..??
I thought this Seattle team controlled its own destiny.. what happened here? This game was a lose - lose game. Seattle lost what could have helped clinch a wild card spot and San Francisco won which hurts them in the draft

New England 10 (9-5). Pittsburgh 17 (8-5-1)
Both these teams are coming off surprising losses last week. In the end the Black and gold brigade handled the washed up Pats who continue their struggles on the road and are pretty much stuck without a bye. Jaylen Samuels filled James Connor’s absence nicely. The Steelers might be okay but they’re very inconsistent

Philadelphia 30 (7-7). LA Rams 23 (11-3)
Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Wentz is injured and Nick Foles steps up in the LA colosseum.... as unlikely as it sounds could we be seeing a sequel to last year? Maybe. As for the Rams what’s going on? They’re looking like the St Louis/Jeff Fisher Rams. Jared Goff is playing like his old self. They better hope this is just a slump and not the wagon wheels falling off

New Orleans 12 (12-2) Carolina 9 (6-8)
A surprisingly low scoring game that was back and forth but the Saints find a way to win by shutting Cam down. As of now I’m liking the Saints to win the NFC. On the other hand congratulations Carolina! You’re gonna be on the couch! Please take a seat next to your friends the Falcons and Packers. You also made the NFC championship a few years ago and now you’re not making the playoffs... what happened here?


Well, yet another lost season in Titletown. Things are crumbling fast, and we will need a miracle to fix things: - PackFan2005