Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Week 15 Recap

htoutlaws2012 With much help from teams still alive in the hunt what teams should be thinking more for their draft positions while others fight to the finish in a pivotal week in many ways than one implications are set and the victor can breathe the loser has a lot of explaining to do.

Thursday Night Football

Los Angles Chargers Vs Kansas City Chiefs: What a way to start off the week with a big game for the AFC implications, at first Chiefs were rolling like always, but than suddenly lookout Philip Rives comes right back in the fold, and who came up big in this game Mike Williams last years first rounder hauls in two key touchdowns, and the two points in a big slip with Kansas City, but do not win the bye just yet they gotta keep fighting to the end. Chiefs rolled with Mahomes leading the way, but the offense got shut down the rest of that time as Chargers played time of possession very well done.

Saturday Night Games

Houston Texans Vs New York Jets: There was only one thing at hand, and a lot on the line for Houston to wrap up and grab that bye from New England what better way than to beat a pretty much defeated Jets team. DeAndre Hopkins was rolling and that led to them escaping the trap with the much needed win. Sam Darnold has a fair showing, but on this day belonged to the Texans.

Cleveland Browns Vs Denver Broncos: Our second of two Saturday games was a tough defensive stands for pride at this point knowing these two are pretty much virtually eliminated unless the teams with better records end up falling. I gotta admit Baker gets better as the season starts to close i'm liking what I see from this Browns team dramatic improvements all the way around. Denver came off a horrible loss to San Fran, and now you face a Browns team whose pretty dangerous right now who has beaten some decent teams as of late in the 2nd half. If they were gonna win they had to make Baker throw bad areas which they did at times, but inconsistently, and Keenum had the much worse game of the two.

Sunday Games 1:00

Arizona Cardinals Vs Atlanta Falcons: What looked like a bad game on paper was well an all Atlanta show Falcons had their fun against the so terrible Cardinals team that can't put up more than 17 points on average which is terrible. Josh Rosen got benched in favor of Mike Glennon does better, but ultimately pretty much the same offense even with a backup its time to wrap up fr the 1st overall pick guys. Atlanta only hurts themselves the more they win at this point in the season, they should think more about upgrades than pride.

Oakland Raiders Vs Cincinnati Bengals: In a meaningless game, Cincinnati pretty much rolled all over a pitiful Raiders team that just beat Pittsburgh in a damaging win in which could cost them the 1st over pick seeing when all cylinders are not all in the team isn't good. Marvin Lewis working his voodoo ways now how does he get outta this one?

Miami Dolphins Vs Minnesota Vikings: What looked like a morale game for both teams coming in the Miami miracle, and a Minnesota team that fired their offensive coordinator man did they answer the call immediately almost like we were indeed going to doubt if they could finish out with the final playoff spot. They put a 40 burger on the Dolphins that's a smack to face after that unbelievable game thriller from last week.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Indianapolis Colts: Okay first off what was that by the Cowboys offense? Second this should been a much better game than expected instead Dallas gets a rare shutout in what could been a wrap up of the NFC East is now a bit wide open if Dallas continues this struggle. Meanwhile The Colts while they two were shutout at one point in the season have made it back to back beating two teams from Texas.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Baltimore Ravens: In what could of been maybe an upset was not to be it is indeed every man fro himself in Tampa as the headline there could a massive cleanup coming after this one. Baltimore with this wins are in two more dog fight finishes to the end as they face a good Chargers team, and a Browns team who have beaten them already this season.

Detroit Lions Vs Buffalo Bills: In a battle that means nothing at this point Detroit coming off one of the worst wins in the franchises history goes to travel to Buffalo, and they had two chances of winning this game and shot themselves in the foot in the most classic Lions fashion. Meanwhile give some credit to Josh Allen his starting win me over more and more seriously here's a 6'5 guy from Wyoming where I went this dude a top 10 guy well now i'm seeing the potential he can get better give him a good supporting cast and see what happens from there because he had NO running backs really in this game and still carried them to victory.

Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears: An old classic rivalry that started it all honestly, and finally Da Bears have finished off a rival who is not nearly as good as they should be in high disappointment. One of the best streaks in football came to an end Rodgers threw his second pick of the season, and that was certainly gonna do it for this one. What I like is in the aftermath of the game I like the whole proposal scenery as they clinch the playoffs of one tackle Charles Leno Jr. that's cool.

Washington Redskins Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: In what looked like the worst game of the week was very crucial more so the Redskins than it would be for the Jaguars who in all honestly have a top 5 pick it looks to be sitting very well. Defenses stretch favored Washington, but next week they could be very well defeated once they head into Saturday night.

Tennessee Titans Vs New York Giants:Our second of two shutouts was a bit surprising seeing how hot they gotten the last two weeks, but the possibility of the playoffs is out of the way, and Titans get the much needed win, but there gonna need much much help in getting in as it stand they could be that team that just misses out since Colts have the tie over them. The G-Man who knows what the quarterback situation is gonna be in the off-season but with games like this you should make they change, but are they gonna go through with it?

Sunday Games continued 4:15

Seattle Seahawks Vs San Francisco 49ers: In a must clinch game the Seahawks managed to not sweep the 49ers, and actually hurt themselves with 10+ penalties give, and the worst one of them all came in the comeback drive by Center Pocic. Well the Sunday night game against Chiefs a lot at stake there. Niners keep hurting themselves through as a team that could use another top 5 draft pick badly.

New England Patriots Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: In a MUST win situation the Steelers were against the world when it came to facing the Patriots again, and it was not exactly the same story in this case Steelers defense was ready for this challenge, and got pressure off of Tom Brady, and Samuels was so big in that game that it led to them executing well in time of possession which has been the weakness of this Patriots team. The question comes back though as Brady had another chance at a comeback drive it made you wonder if this could be his last if he were to oh I don't know lose in the wild card perhaps.

Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Los Angles Rams: In a elimination game the Eagles find a way to not die just yet with a Dallas loss they are temporary still in the thick of things and with a change at quarterback things were gonna be interesting how Philly would respond. Once again for the 3rd time in a row now Jared Goff has had bad games that need to turn around which it may seeing you have two bad foes left, but if you face let's Da Bears in the divisional round you might be in a lot of trouble. Philly can they pray for one more Dallas loss?

Monday Night Football

New Orleans Saints Vs Carolina Panthers: In a must win situation for the Carolina Panthers all they had to do was simply win and get the losing streak off their back instead the pressure was put on Came Newton the entire way in a defensive show down. Luke Kuechly fought with all they had Saints's defense came to play, and in the process New Orleans just got one better offensive play than Carolina did and that may put the dagger on Carolina's season at the hands of the Saints once again.