NFL Week 16 Analysis

It’s Officially Christmas week in the NFL! And Santa’s been making a list and checking it twice. It’s time to find out who’s naughty or nice. Let’s see what Santa delivered to the teams this week to give them holiday cheer and help them make a final playoff push or spoil the season. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tennessee 25 (9-6). Washington 16 (7-8)
What Did Santa leave here? A very back and forth game between two teams desperately trying to stay alive in the playoff hunt. The game ended up going to the Titans without Mariota. Yes Blaine Gabbert won a game! On top of that he kept Tennessee alive! Next week is their last chance! Don’t blow it. Washington unfortunately got a lump of coal and elimination.

Green Bay 44 (6-8-1). NY Jets 38 (4-11) OT
What did Santa give these two teams? This was a Tank Battle so both teams won and lost at the same time. The Packers got an Overtime win thanks to Rodgers but in the end the Jets won the Tank battle. Can they take advantage in the draft?

Kansas City 31 (11-4). Seattle 38 (9-6)
What’s in these two teams stockings? The Seahawks got a playoff berth after turning the ship around. This team is going to be more Dangerous than you’d think. Don’t sleep on these guys. The Chiefs were left with a blue Christmas after back to back losses and disappointment from the defense. However They still have a chance to secure the division and a bye. Hopefully they don’t blow it. They better not because it’s Oakland of all teams

Indianapolis 28 (9-6). NY Giants 27 (5-10)
Santa was nice enough to give the Colts a chance at the playoffs. The G Men were close to taking the Colts out but then Andrew Luck made a late TD pass to set up a huge game with Tennessee in week 17. This is your one chance Indy don’t blow it

Philadelphia 32 (8-7). Houston 30 (10-5)
Turns out that Santa gave Philly a Christmas miracle. Nick Foles still has some magic to keep the Eagles (🎶Ah ha ha ha stayin alive Stayin alive.🎶 ) Then the Texans not only lost but also gave up their bye for now. Obviously Philly Still needs help but they have a chance. Houston isn’t scewed however as they have clinched a playoff berth.

Jacksonville Jaguars 17 (5-10). Miami 7(7-8)
Although Santa gave Jacksonville a win with Blake Bortles coming off the bench it was really unnecessary as they have already been eliminated for a few weeks. In the long run it could screw up the tank. Really the only good thing if you are Jacksonville is you eliminated what slim playoff chance the Dolphins may have had. Congratulations. Maybe you should have asked him for a good draft pick instead. Or a real Quarterback

Cleveland 28 (7-7-1). Cincinnati 16 (6-9)
The Browns might have been eliminated but this late is still impressive. Santa still gave you a gift Cleveland! You got a new broom to SWEEP Cincy with! And you also get to come out of the basement for once! Cincy you should be embarrassed. No Christmas presents for you. Only a draft pick. You Went from 4-1 to this? And brought in Hue Jackson why exactly? You’re screwed

Dallas 27 (9-6). Tampa Bay 20 (5-10)
Well well well look what Santa clause left you Dallas. The NFC east is officially yours. And with that you’re in the playoffs! Dak and Zeke could be a deadly combination with Amari Cooper as well. And that defense is solid as well. Tampa you’re just got some L’s to eat and the tank rolls on. I’m not gonna lie though it was fun having the quarterback carousel.

Minnesota 27 (8-6-1). Detroit 9 (5-10)
The Vikings had no problems with the Lions after Cousins tossed that Hail Mary to Kyle Rudolph. After that they were close to making the playoffs but they didn’t quite do it yet. But they still have a good chance against Chicago who might sit their starters. Detroit however got another L to add to the tank. You know it’s bad when Matt Stafford gets Benched for Matt Cassel.

New England 24 (10-5). Buffalo 12 (5-10)
The Pats beat the Bills. Oh boy Santa got you another division title... I’m not surprised at all here. Just do us all a favor and lose to someone. I’m sick and tired of seeing you guys in the Super Bowl every single year. Almost as bad as Warriors/ Cavs in the finals

Atlanta 24 (6-9) Carolina 10 (6-9)
At the beginning of the season you would have thought this would be a crucial game between two playoff contenders right? Little did we know that these teams would both be sitting on the couch this January. This game was absolutely meaningless. You both can enjoy a seat on the couch now. Shame on both you Atlanta and Carolina

Chicago 14 (11-4). San Francisco 9 (4-11)
Not a pretty game by far but Da Bears survived and clinched the 3 seed. They’re still dangerous and could beat the Saints. They are a dark horse pick for sure. San Fran you should take this L. It’s for your own good. Maybe you can get more than a one man team.

LA Rams 31 (12-3). Arizona 9 (3-12)
Oh boy you beat the Cardinals! What an accomplishment! As meaningless as this game was I will say that it was at least a nice boost of confidence for the Rams who had back to back Losses previously. Maybe it will warm them up for what’s ahead

New Orleans 31 (13-2). Pittsburgh 28 (8-6-1)
A very Wild game that came down to a few crazy plays for the Saints and a few unfortunate Steelers turnovers. This had major playoff implications on both sides. The NFC will run through New Orleans. Good luck to everyone in the NFC who has to face these guys. It’s not gonna be easy. Meanwhile the Steelers got the cold shoulder and fall all the way to the 8 spot, A very devastating loss as the Ravens and Colts move up. And now The Cleveland Browns control the Steelers playoff fate. Yes you read that right. But right now Baltimore and Indianapolis thank you Steelers.

Oakland 27 (4-11). Denver 14 (6-9)
The Final game of this week was not exactly an exiting one as we were left with a tank battle on Christmas Eve. Raiders got perhaps their final win in Oakland and Denver lost which may put Vance Joseph closer to his end. Denver is kinda in that weird range where they aren’t good enough for playoffs but not bad enough to tank.. Oakland however, will have a guaranteed high draft pick or 3 because Santa must have seen Jon Gruden doing his job for him by giving Khalil Mack to Da Bears and Amari Cooper to the Cowboys. Looks like your giving is being rewarded Oakland! Maybe


Go Philly! (Just for this week). Merry Christmas also! - PackFan2005

I'm not sure why I rather see Philly in than Minnesota. Eagles could be that danger 6th seed that could do some damage. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah Nick Foles is doing his thing again. The Eagles are suddenly hot and they’re going to be that team that nobody wants to play. Obviously they need some help but if they manage to get in good luck to whoever their opponent is - Randomator

If all goes there way its most likely Da Bears that would be quite the match to see. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah that would be a good game. The only question I have is would Chicago go for the first round bye or settle for the 3 spot? - Randomator

My guess is they won't get it knowing Rams will be able to fend off the 49ers. - htoutlaws2012