Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Week 2 Recap

With a different week in place what team made their presence known, and what teams still struggle to win their retrospective games let's look back at week 2.

Thursday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals:
Well, well, well! The Baltimore Ravens played like how they did their final game of 2017 and what I mean is Cincinnati is one of those teams that know the Ravens probably the best in recent years, and seeing A.J. Green absolutely score 3 touchdowns all over what looked to be monstrous defense really needs to fix up targeting all the #1 wide receivers. Even worse is C.J Mosley ended up leaving the game, oh and Joe Mixon got hurt too which depending on how you look at it that eliminates their running attack to a good extent, but there are times they'll need Bernard to commit the run, and not look very one dimensional. Lamar Jackson in trick formations, but how soon will it be until his gonna start as quarterback?

Sunday Games 1:00

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Pittsburgh Steelers:
What a game this was the battle of two not that good defenses, and in the end its Sir Patrick Mahomes coming away flawlessly with a history breaking 10 touchdowns in a two game span, and also in this game 6 touchdowns I am very impressed with how this Chiefs team looks early on the road I can't imagine when they come back home how scary they could look. Meanwhile Steelers found their offense, but the holes at defense aren't gonna be an easy fix i'll tell you that for sure.

Houston Texans Vs Tennessee Titans:
Ugh... what did I see here? The Titans lead early on and in the first half, Houston tries to rally back only to lose by 3 what is going on with that offense? I get there O-line is atrocious, but come on now you can't seriously get pressure off a team not even 100% healthy on offense even?

Indianapolis Colts Vs Washington Redskins:
Not a whole lot to go off of here, but battle of yes i'll say it again two (at best) mediocre teams, and in the end Colts just had the better game on offense where as with Washington had no answers in the end-zone. Despite ugly statistics Luck won his first game back, but time tells if he really starts to become that player soon.

Miami Dolphins Vs New York Jets:
An AFC East rivalry in which both team got a win, randomly one of these teams would go on for two, and shockingly enough Miami managed to hang on enough to come off this stunning 2-0 run. How this average squad is doing who knows, but its all a matter of luck I'd say playing at their hands.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Now the question is do I believe in this Fitzmagic experiment in Tampa? My answer... absolutely he beat a very tough defense in Phily, and still put up pretty much identical numbers only difference is the pick thrown other than that this is a very different persona of Ryan Fitzpatrick I think I have never seen before.

Cleveland Browns Vs New Orleans Saints:
I envy any Browns fans right now because you were nearly on your way to picking up an upset of the decade only to be taken away by such a terrible kicking game of one Zane Gonzalez. Meanwhile The offense of Saints was put down most of the game just Kamara was the most consistent. In the 4th quarter Michael Thomas started to come alive, and it was looking to be all but doomsday for Cleveland still trying to find that win.

Carolina Panthers Vs Atlanta Falcons:
In a tough NFC South battle Atlanta proved their way at home even with three big key losses handled Carolina to win with two possessions in play even so I knew which team had the overall talent around them while Panthers have a great 3-4... Falcons are a battle tested team that steps up at the right moments.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Buffalo Bills:
For many the lock of the week goes to LA's B team whopping the Bills the 1st half cooled their jets knowing how bad Buffalo was, and they put up some fight they were the most terrible on offense in only two weeks despite being ranked last the last two weeks.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Green Bay Packers:
Oh man this was the game I was looking the most forward to two of the best in the NFC and of their respective rival division when these two have collided it is usually a sight to see. Both trade back and forth moving the ball slowly at the ear;y going things start to develop towards the end of the game when Aaron Rodgers striked first, and then suddenly down by two possessions Kirk Cousins proving to be that missing piece of the offense slings the ball to both Diggs and Thielen. Only a few seconds were left for Green Bay to maybe sneak outta Lambeau with a win only to realize Minnesota still had a timeout remaining, and effective as it was Mason Crosby ends up missing the second time around. Overtime both offenses moved effective well, but not enough to get at the very least a field goal range even if so Daniel Carlson missed 3 field goals all going wide right as the one he made last also would as well. I never would of believed these two amazing teams would tie, but I can't wait for the rematch with these two.

Sunday Games continued 4:15

Detroit Lions Vs San Francisco 49ers:
We get late into Sunday and we get to one I was indifferent of, but it ended up being I guess interesting towards the end, but ultimately it still felt like your typical S.O.L type game you made a mediocre running back like Matt Breida get 100+ yards I mean my god that's how bad this defense is gonna be all season. While they did better getting pressure off of Garoppolo still not enough however as this was a better effort overall they lose more morale, and it gets worse from here on out when your former mentor is coming to destroy you.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Los Angeles Rams:
By far the worst game of the week, Arizona never showed any remorse on the offensive side of the football moving forward thus scored no points despite Patrick Peterson's efforts nothing went right, and dear god you argue they might be the worst team in football if you want to. Rams on the other hand are one of the best in football showing you once again what their gonna be capable of down the road.

Oakland Raiders Vs Denver Broncos:
Another very intriguing game much better effort towards the stretch by Oakland, but ultimately a much better come back rally by Denver when they needed it most. Hard loss by Gruden, but Denver has shown its improving emergence much greater than maybe might have overlooked.

New England Patriots Vs Jacksonville Jaguars:
The re-match of the AFC Championship revenge successful for Jacksonville as they limit both Brady and Gronkowski to their limit Jalen Ramsey backed up his claim for now when matched up with the big threat weapon on New England now makes you wonder if this is gonna be the picture in the playoffs to come again?

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys:
Terrible choice for the prime spot, and this is more less because they picked two teams with big popularity ratings pretty much more less the quality of this game as I expected to be lopsided, but not the outcome of the teams I assumed.

Monday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks Vs Chicago Bears:
The final game was a mostly one handed contest thanks to Da Bears defense absolutely mauled their way to victory. Oh man Trubisky needs to adjust though especially against a downgraded defense like that if they have any chance of scoring any better. You know your Offensive line is bad when they give up 7 sacks (5 in the first half). How can Russell Wilson get outta the pocket quick enough to realize there's a ton of Bears players coming in multiple different ways.