NFL Week 9 Analysis

Welp with another week in the books it’s time for weekly analysis fresh off the printing press.

San Francisco 34 (2-7). Oakland 3 (1-7)
Wait? You’re telling me there was a football game on Thursday? That’s weird. The only thing I saw was this atrocious unwatchable Tank Bowl! The Raiders looked like a complete joke against some Nick Mullens guy. Unfortunately the Niners won which put them at a disadvantage in terms of the race for the first overall pick. Raiders are absolute garbage 🚮 to the point where its just hilarious to watch them. Especially as a Chiefs fan

Kansas City 37 (8-1). Cleveland 21 (2-6-1)
Not much to talk about here. The Patrick Mahomes Show continues it’s NFL Tour. The Chiefs didn’t blow the Browns away but they still didn’t have any problems. Cleveland honestly doesn’t look too much different than they did with Hue Jackson. At least right now

Green Bay 17 (3-4-1) New England 31 (7-2)
This was a battle of the two best QB’s in the league. However it came down to the other players. Particularly the Offenses breaking through the defenses. But it was the Patriots who won using Josh Gordon and Cordarelle Patterson. Unfortunately Aaron Rodgers couldn’t bail the Packers out this time. And now they have dug themselves a hole. Sorry Green Bay but you can’t just rely on Aaron Rodgers to bail you out in Lambeau for 16 games a year.

Chicago 41 (5-3). Buffalo 9 (2-7)
Da Bears Mauled and shredded Buffalo into Bison meat . The offense and defense both feasted on Buffalo and their band of random guys they call an offense. Keep your eyes on Da Bears to surprise people this year

Carolina 42. (6-2) Tampa Bay 28 (3-5)
The Panthers continue their hot streak by cruising past the Bucs. Even the power of FitzMagic couldn’t stop Carolina. Lookout for the Panthers NFC. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey are showing flashes from 2015. They’re one of the most dangerous teams right now. So beware

Miami 13 (5-4). New York Jets 6 (3-6)
Ugh this game was one of those where one team had to win. And the Dolphins took advantage thanks to Darnold throwing 4 interceptions. Other than that theres not much to say

Pittsburgh 23 (5-2-1). Baltimore 16 (4-5)
Big Ben was able to lead the Steelers to a win and with that Pittsburgh May have taken control of the division with that revenge win against the Ravens. They are another team who has picked up momentum and have done just fine with Le’Veon Bell still gone.

Minnesota 24 (5-3-1). Detroit 9 (3-5)
The Vikings handled Detroit with ease. What really gave this game to Minnesota was their defense channeling their inner Purple People Eater by sacking Stafford 10 times. Again not much else to say here. Vikings continue to keep pace in the playoff race. Definitely a team to keep watching

Atlanta 38 (4-4). Washington 14 (5-3)
The Falcons put on a show on offense and kept Washington pretty much out of the game. The Falcons also realized that they have Julio Jones still on the team and finally usd him to score a TD. To me this makes me question how good is Washington really? As well as wonder if Atlanta has any life left

Houston 19 (6-3). Denver 17 (3-6)
Houston survived in Demaryius Thomas’ homecoming as it was close the entire time but came down to Brandon McManus missing the game winning FG. And the Texans have picked up some momentum going forward. You could argue that they have beat weaker teams but overall they have started to find a groove and could still be dangerous

LA Chargers 25 (6-2) Seattle 17 (4-4)
The Chargers continue to be a solid squad as Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon lead the Bolts to a win over the surprisingly solid Seahawks who are apparently going “back to their roots” in 2012. Despite the loss Seattle remains alive in the playoff race.

New Orleans Saints 45 (7-1). LA Rams 35 (8-1)
After looking unstoppable before the Saints ended the Rams undefeated streak. Drew Brees led an explosive offense that even the Rams couldn’t handle. The question goes from can anyone beat the Rams to can anyone stop the Saints? Is this a preview of the NFC championship? Both these teams have the talent to make the Super Bowl. But which one will it be?

Tennessee 28.(4-4) Dallas 14 (3-5)
The Titans were able to trigger the cowboys in more ways than one. First they spoiled Amari Cooper’s debut and also got a throwback to T.O celebrating on the Star. Honestly this game to me is another game closer to Jason Garret being fired and honestly I don’t see the Cowboys making the playoffs this year. On the other hand the Titans looked solid and could very well be a wildcard team


Jason Garrett, John Harbaugh, and Mike McCarthy are all on the hot seat right now. I think they’ll all be gone by the season’s end. - PackFan2005

Depends on what happens going forward. Cowboys Ravens and Packers aren’t out of the playoffs yet but they are gonna have to step up and fast if they want to keep their jobs - Randomator

In my opinion, McCarthy should have been gone after the 2014 NFC Championship game, Garrett should have been fired after the 2017 season, and Harbaugh only has a fighting chance of staying with Baltimore. - PackFan2005

Well let's see by that logic let's look at other coaches who are already likely to be fired from least likely, but out there...

Most likely out by a landslide
Dirk Koetter (Never made the playoffs in the tough NFC South)
Todd Bowles (Not the right fit for a young Sam Darnold to develop his play making abilities correctly)
Vance Joseph (Sure your defense is carrying the team, but there must be better staff around these guys)

Who may be out as the weeks develop
Jason Garrett (On his way to typical 8-8 should go, but with Jerry Jones who knows)
John Harbaugh (Sometimes you gotta get over the hump over that superbowl victory and while you have brought it to Baltimore the fans are now had it with you could be leaving with Ozzie going out)
Mike McCarthy (Way overstayed his welcome, and he'll need a miracle from Aaron Rodgers to keep his job this time around)

Big longshots
Jay Gurden (If he finds a way to make the playoffs)
Pete Carroll (Word is he wants to leave Seattle quietly)
Adam Gase (Think about it he never had his quarterback drafted once, and that has a possibly factor of him being let go because of Ryan Tannehill who might go with him this time around)
Kyle Shanahan (2 seasons as head coach, and both times you can say his quarterback is the Achilles heel to everything falling apart sure, but that defense has to do its part if your not gonna fire Kyle which may not happen, then fire the defensive coordinator his just not that good.) - htoutlaws2012