NFL Week 10 Analysis

Randomator As the weather gets colder. The football games start to become more important. Let’s take a look at what happened this week

Pittsburgh 52 (6-2-1). Carolina 21 (6-3)
Jesus I thought this matchup would be good but we can’t have anything nice on Thursday Night Football. The Steelers dominated the Panthers really on both sides of the ball. The offense in particular had probably their best game. Le’Veon Bell? Who’s that guy? This game was so dominant for Pittsburgh that you could probably report them for abusing the Carolina Panthers. This was a statement win for the Steelers. Don’t sleep on this team in the AFC playoffs even with Le’Veon officially OUT for the rest of the season.

Kansas City 26 (9-1). Arizona 14 (2-7)
Much like last week the Chiefs didn’t blow an easy opponent out of the water but it doesn’t matter as they still found a way to win. Even without Sammy Watkins this offense was still explosive and even the defense stepped up. I expect an absolute showdown in Mexico City against the Rams.

Green Bay 31 (4-4-1). Miami 12 (5-5)
The Packers have rebounded from last week and have kept their playoff hopes alive for the time being. And for once it wasn’t Aaron Rodgers doing all the work as Aaron Jones ran for 145 yards and 2 touchdowns. Miami Just couldn’t handle the Packers at all. You have some important and winnable games ahead. Can you capitalize Green Bay?

New Orleans 51 (8-1). Cincinnati 14 (5-4)
You thought the Steelers game was a blowout? Well you haven’t seen nothing yet. The Saints mauled the Bengals at home. Drew Brees had yet another record breaking performance and you could also report the Saints for animal abuse against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Saints are rolling strong at the moment and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

Cleveland 28 (3-6-1). Atlanta 18 (4-5)
The Browns have done it again. Baker Mayfield and Co. had a solid performance against a struggling Falcons team. Baker had a near perfect day and when you add in Nick Chubb’s 92 yard run it’s no surprise Baker claims he woke up feeling “dangerous” and just like that he put the Falcons playoff hopes in danger

Indianapolis 29 (4-5). Jacksonville 26 (3-6)
The Jaguars fall continues as Indy manages to survive a comeback and forced a fumble late in the game to seal the victory. The Colts surprisingly have some life in the playoff race. It took a little time but they have a decent squad. As for you Jacksonville you might want to push that panic button right about now. You’re nearly finished in the playoff hunt. If you don’t win out then you stand no chance. Even if you do win out you’d have to get lucky

Chicago 34 (6-3). Detroit 22 (3-6)
Da Bears have turned into a legitimate contender in the NFC. They are one of the most balanced teams in the league with Trubisky leading a top 5 offense and Khalil Mack leading the defense. If they can prove themselves against Minnesota then look out NFC because Chicago is a dark horse

Tennessee 34 (5-4). New England 10 (7-3)
The Pats have done it again. They lost to a former assistant coach just like they did against Detroit. Tennessee was able to dominate the Pats from every aspect. You thought Tennessee beating Dallas was surprising? Then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Washington 16 (6-3). Tampa Bay 3 (3-6)
Not the best day for the banged up redskins but they were able to win. But the Bucs had 500 yards of offense you say? Well my friends the Bucs had a little problem. You see Jameis Winston has had a case of turnover- idus the past few weeks. And unfortunately the rest of the team caught this virus. Not even FitzMagic could save them. (I’m just trying to figure out a logical reason as to how you have 500 yards of offense and only 3 points.) alas the Beat up Redskins remain atop the NFC East that is still up for grabs

Buffalo 41 (3-7). New York Jets 10 (3-7)
Brace yourself for this game. I would say it was a Tank Bowl but I have no idea what the Jets are doing so it’s just a garbage bowl. The Bills happened to show signs of life on offense thanks to some Matt Barkley guy. And more good news for Buffalo is Nathan Peterman is GONE. The Bills reformation is officially underway. Meanwhile Jets you should consider getting rid of Todd Bowles losing to a trainwreck team like the Bills is the most Jets thing to do

LA Chargers 20 (7-2). Oakland 6 (1-8)
*yawn* nothing much to say here. Phillip Rivers was Phillip Rivers and lead the Bolts to an eas Win. The Raiders look to have secured the first overall pick for now. Next

LA Rams 36 (9-1). Seattle 31 (4-5)
This Game was a bit crazier than I expected. The Rams had trouble against Seattle last time, they were coming off a loss, and they had to deal with the drama of the Bar Shooting in Thousand Oaks and the Wildfires. Although the Rams were victorious it comes at the price of Cooper Kupp who tore his ACL. All the sudden the Rams don’t look like the unbeatable team we saw earlier. It seems like the Saints have taken that role. Regardless I expect a hell of a game in Mexico City. And Seattle May have lost but don’t sleep on them.

Dallas 27 (4-5) Philadelphia 20 (4-5)
The Cowboys were able to keep their playoff hopes alive and put a dent into their rival’s chances thanks to Zeke who had 151 rushing yards. And Leighton Vander Esch also had a few good plays to secure the win. The Eagles continue to play sluggish. This team has got to figure things out now.

New York Giants 27 (2-7). San Francisco 23 (2-8)
It’s time for another Tank Bowl! This game was actually better than I expected. Nick Mullens and the Niners cruised to an early lead but Eli and the Giants were able to come back and do something they had struggled with all season... close the game! The only bad news is that in the Tank Bowl the object of the game is to lose! So the Giants only screwed themselves over by winning. For now they have handed the first overall pick to the Raiders which was a big mistake


This was the week that teams punched their ticket to the playoffs, while others solidified themselves as a loser. The majority are still fighting for a playoff spot. This could go any way. - PackFan2005

The way I see it the *Rams,Saints,Bears Chiefs,Steelers,Pats,Redskins Vikings,Texans and Chargers have pretty much all made a claim to the postseason.

*The Panthers,Ravens,Bengals, Colts, Titans, Packers,Seahawks,Cowboys,Eagles,and Falcons are still alive for now.

* The Bills,Jets,Giants,Dolphins, Bucs,Jags,Raiders,Cardinals,Niners, Browns,Lions, and Broncos are pretty much out - Randomator