Best Perfume Songs

The best song from the Japanese pop girl group Perfume.

The Top Ten

1 Secret Secret

Such a good song I always feel pumped when listening to it

Best effects, best beat, best and very original PERFUME choreography,

Best perfume song ever

2 One Room Disco
3 Kasuka Na Kaori

This song is also known as Laser beam

4 Computer City
5 Spending All My Time

I LAV it's

6 Chocolate Disco
7 Dream Fighter
8 Fake It

The beat, the voice, the bomb

9 Spring of Life
10 Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow

The Contenders

11 Magic of Love
12 Polyrhythm
13 Nee
14 Edge

Great tune, dance, graphic and autotune...

I'm inclined to believe this is the logical conclusion to Jpop as we know it. It combines everything Jpop has to other in an amazing song that couldn't be done by anyone else other than Perfume + Nakata. Catchiness, energy, Nakata's great production, A prog house structure, the list could go on. To summarize, this is almost 9 minutes of pure genius. The dance + graphic that accompany this tune in its live performance is leagues ahead of everything else in Jpop and I'd consider their performance of edge as one of the greatest live Jpop performances of all time.

Listen to this along with the rest of ⊿, a true landmark in Jpop

15 575
16 Laser Beam

Laser beam and Kasuka na Kaori comes from the same SINGLE, they are not the same song

17 Mirai No Museum
18 Game
19 Glitter
20 Natural Ni Koi Shite
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