Best Peridot Moments in Steven Universe

She has many great moments. This list includes the episode titles instead of the episode number because it's easier for me to remember. May contain spoilers to those who aren't caught up with the show.

The Top Ten

1 When she called Yellow Diamond a Clod (Message Received) When she called Yellow Diamond a Clod (Message Received)

It was the most satisfying way to go "WELP PERIDOT IS 100% REDEEMED NOW" and I couldn't ask for more. I laugh at Yellow Diamond's reaction ever time I see it. It's too good.

This was the best


Man, I love Peridot! :D - KianaLexi

2 When Lapis asked if she was okay and she giggled cutely

In Barn Mates - Stevenuniversefangirl

It's so cute.

3 When she wanted to make sure Lapis was okay before she went on the mission to the Beta Kindergarten with Steven and Lapis (Beta)

It was very sweet and shows that Lapis and Peridot are developing a close relationship. - Ruee

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4 When she started to sing with Steven and the Crystal Gems while he was teaching her about music (It Could've Been Great)
5 When she stood up against Japser (Earthlings)
6 When she threw Greg off the roof (Log Date 7 15 2) When she threw Greg off the roof (Log Date 7 15 2)

It was mean but it was funny. Especially the character interactions between her and Garnet when she did that. - Ruee

7 When she tried to fuse with Garnet (Log Date 7 15 2)

It shows that she didn't hate fusion, she just doesn't understand. She was willing to learn what it's like and someday she will fuse. I love the character development Peridot gets. - Ruee

8 How she reacted to Steven when he said he loves her (Gem Drill)

This is the episode that really showed the close friendship and support between Steven and Peridot. Peridot hardly felt as appreciated as she wasn't with Steven compared to when she's around him. Steven made her feel loved and she mattered as she was taught she was seen as inferior by homeworld. - Ruee

9 When she kept asking "Is this a weapon" when Steven showed her objects she isn't familiar with (Catch and Release)
10 When she stabbed corrupted Jasper with a metal bar to save Steven and Amethyst (Earthlings)

Her metal powers kept failing her while they started to fight against Jasper and once she tried to use her last resort to attack Steven and Amethyst, Peridot managed to use her powers to poof her. - Ruee

The Contenders

11 When she put on the alien shorts (Log Date 7 15 2)

Nice shorts. *Thumbs up* - LapisBob

12 When she had a crush on Sapphire

She doesn't crush on Sapphire...

13 When she reformed and it was revealed how short she was. (What's Your shirt?)
14 When She Pulled Pranks On Lars
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