Top Ten Most Persecuted Religions


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1 Wicca Wicca

The relgious form of witchcraft.

Teaches love for all and venerates nature and the divines. - MagickAndScience

2 Judaism

The precursor of Christianity.

Teaches lesson based on the Torah. - MagickAndScience

What it's judiism

3 Native American Spirituality

The Native Relgions of Native Americans.

Venerates Nature. - MagickAndScience

4 Druidism

The religion is extinct. People are just attempting to resuscitate the religion. - clusium

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5 Christianity

To the person who commented below: You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Christians are persecuted in many parts of the world. - clusium

Just because they no longer have political power does not make them a "persecuted religion". They wouldn't know what it truly feels like to be persecuted.

Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the entire world.

Take a look around.

6 Baha'i
7 Bonism
8 Tibetan Buddhism
9 Scientology
10 Islam

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11 Falun Gong
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