Top 10 Person of Interest Characters

The following list consists of characters from the TV show called "Person of Interest" that has recently just ended on a spectacular note. Vote for your favorite character, characters ranging from Team Machine, the NYPD/FBI, HR and Elias's gang, and much more. [SPOILERS ARE PERMITTED, FAIR WARNING] I am going to leave the comments blank so you can all vote and comment as you please, as I really don't have a favorite out of any of these amazing characters listed. Feel free to add characters not listed!

The Top Ten

1 John Reese

John Reese-- the best superhero we've had since Batman. Great-looking, fearless, an incomparable combatant in weaponry and all varieties of hand to hand fighting, endlessly resourceful in doing whatever had to be done to get out of tight situations, expert at manipulating events to his advantage and "observing the enemy," and drawing on his vast experience in spying to predict what certain bad actors were likely to have done or were likely to do, and all this without a cape or other costume.

Best vigilante

2 Harold Finch
3 Sameen Shaw
4 "Root" (Samantha Groves)
5 Joss Carter
6 Lionel Fusco
7 Control

A great character, head of the ISA which added a lot to the story. I'm sad that her status was left as "unknown" and she was one of the many who didn't get much of a sense of closure on the show - Abraxun

8 Elias
9 Hersh
10 Zoey Morgan

The Contenders

11 Leon Tao
12 John Greer
13 Bear
14 Patrick Simmons
15 Kara Stanton
16 Nicholas Donnelly
17 Grace Hendricks
18 Nathan Ingram
19 Anthony "Scarface" Marconi
20 Dominic
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