Top Ten Personal Values

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1 Faith

Just like any movie, story or experience tells you, you need sheer will power and faith in yourself to accomplish anything : )

2 Honesty

Maybe I'm not the perfect but Yeah I'm Honest - Righteous

3 Perseverance
4 Gratitude

The entitlement mentality is so rampant these days I hate it.
We should all be more thankful for what we do have. Instead of whining about what we think we 'need.' - eventer51314

5 Patience

Being patient, something I'm not good at... - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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6 Optimism
7 Humility

Something you don't see much of today. - eventer51314

@eventer51314 - Very true. Only show-offs are respected and I don't like. People say they like people who are 'down to earth'. But end up contradicting themselves. - LightningBlade

8 Loyalty

Another rare value that is hard to come by these days. - eventer51314

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9 Selflessness
10 Humour

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11 Generosity
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