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Millionaire dating has become one of the trends in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. The reason behind this trend is that an increasing number of singles aspire to find partners who are millionaires, possessing a stable financial status and a good education. The millionaire dating sites featured here cater to various specificities. Hopefully we can help you find your right one.
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As a woman who has been single for 2 years, I didn't think I could find my match in such a short time. I found him, or rather, he found me on the site the 4th day after I joined it. We have been communicating with each other online since then. I must admit that I have never met anyone so sweet, kind, thoughtful, or generous in spirit as him.

Although we live in separate cities, we communicate daily, and our relationship is growing stronger. We feel confident that with this growth will come a very beautiful, happy future for both of us together. And we are arranging a meetup this week.

A year and a half ago, I was just about to give up on internet dating. Although I had met several men for whom I have the highest respect, none seemed to be really serious about pursuing a long-distance relationship.

A relationship with a guy that I had met on the internet had just ended, and I had gotten very badly hurt. I told myself this was the last time that I would give internet dating a chance. However, a few days later, I received an email from a gentleman, and we began corresponding for a few months. We got together on April 14th, 2005, and we are now getting married on the 19th of August.

I guess the old saying is true: never give up trying. I met the most wonderful man I have ever known, thanks to you.

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100% free online dating and social networking site for millionaires (and those attracted to them). Online since 2004.

I find the site very user-friendly!

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4 Date a Millionaire

A place for singles who are looking for wealthy, rich men and women.

6 Luxy

This app definitely has potential. It's pretty cool, but they definitely have a bit of a way to go before it reaches its peak, in my opinion. They should definitely filter out people who are in relationships. If I indicate that I'm here to date and they show me someone who's either married or in a relationship, that's a problem. The prices to reveal who likes you, or just for superpowers alone, are too expensive as well. I look forward to the future features that will come with the updates.

I enjoy Luxy! Many people say horrible things, but in my opinion, it's important to meet in a public place and be cautious. Tell family or friends when meeting up. I've had different experiences and have learned valuable lessons. I love chatting and making friends. The app is really good. It also chooses the best matches to go well with your profile. Give it a try!

This app is a brilliant way to meet people, much better than previous ones I've tried where no one talks to you. Here, people actually like to talk, or at least try. The only hard part is earning points, but if it gets you a date, you'll want those points. It's a good site to meet beautiful women who have morals and common sense. You'll also be happy to know it gives you the option of meeting women all over the world with Luxy Travel. All in all, it's a great site.

7 Millionaire Dating Agency
9 Millionaire’s Club
10 HePays

Probably one of the best sugar daddy or rich men dating websites.

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