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Dating can be tricky for anyone, but add in the concept of not wanting to have sex (or not being able to have sex), and you have a whole other set of issues to deal with. People who are Asexual have ZERO desire for sex, but that doesn't mean they are not interested in loving, nurturing relationships. People who are Celibate might have a desire for sex, but they may be abstaining for personal reasons, medical reasons or religious reasons. The sites listed below provide a welcoming environment for those individuals looking to meet others to date, with the understanding that sexual activity is not an option.
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Launched in 2004, Celibate Passions is one of the few 100% free online dating social networking sites designed specifically for celibate individuals and/or the asexual individuals. Whether someone is completely asexual, or they are celibate for medical reasons, religious reasons, or just personal reasons, they are welcome to browse the 'Celibate Groups' to find others who feel the same way about sexual relations (or the lack thereof).

I am a Christian and don't believe in sex before marriage. This site is perfect

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To Find Bisexuals �" you can meet bisexual loves

When you think for BiSexual Dating between anybody, you can't predict what happens when. If you are looking for any kind of relationship, it’s more obvious that the relationship can stick only when there is an understanding between each other. There are always options for you to find your couple if it’s a long-time one or a short-time one based on your needs. There are many types of people in this era, who picks the partner or a relationship based on their preferences. Choices to Make

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