Best Personalities To Have

Just personalities that you'd like to have or you think is good to have

The Top Ten

1 Funny

Who doesn't love funny people? - bitchtookmypillow

2 Sarcastic

I love my sarcasm, esprecially when you use it and no-one realises it and when it gets to the point when you just piss people off - Danielsun182

3 Smart
4 Understanding
5 Deceptive
6 Optimistic

Positive side of everything; who doesn't want that, huh?

7 Ambitious
8 Pessimistic
9 Generous
10 Random

The Contenders

11 Sadistic

No... - Misfire

12 Sassy
13 Honest

You have to be truthful during life and you will make more friends when you are truthful.

14 Loving
15 Serious
16 Chill
17 Cool

Fun to have someone cool to hangout with

18 Mysterious
19 Sweet
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