Best Personality Traits

The Top Ten

1 Honesty

You can pour all the love you want into any type of relationship, but if you don't trust the other person, you aren't going anywhere. - Flamesofsilver

Telling the truth keeps you out of even more trouble. It will always come out anyways!

2 Respect
3 Hardworking
4 Loyalty

If you won't give me the same loyalty I give you, get out of my life. - ThatStrangeKid42

Best trait a man or woman could have! Never give up!

#1 Best trait in any type of relationship!

5 Friendly

Being Friendly is important

6 Generosity
7 Kindness
8 Integrity
9 Humility

Making people happy is important, being able to take jokes and not get angry easy I s also important. It simply makes people want to be around you.

10 Modest

The Contenders

11 Love
12 Nice
13 Confidence
14 Funny

As long as it doesn't get outta hand c:

15 Selflessness/Compassion
16 Trust
17 Courage

Without courage you can't do anything.

18 Belief
19 Understanding
20 Intuition
21 Patience
22 Optimism
23 Emotionless

Who actually cares what you people actually think lol

24 Empathy
25 Girly
26 Creative
27 Persistence
28 Easygoing
29 Romantic
30 Sensitive

Being sensitive is ok, but being hypersensitive, now that drives people insane - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

31 Curiosity

If it weren't for my curiosity, I wouldn't discover TheTopTens - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

32 Intelligence
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