Top Ten Pet Peeves About Food


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1 When the ice cream is too hard

Yess I hate this, it's so annoying because you are trying to shovel some in your bowl but it's like the ice age in there! - ToptenPizza

2 When the top of the Oreo won't come off

And when it does, some of the black remains stuck to the cream. - Puga

Yeah. The icing gets everywhere except for off the cookie

3 When meat is only cooked on the outside

I like my meat rare - Lunala

4 A hidden ingredient which you can't stomach
5 When the banana is stringy

Just peel it from the opposite end - CameronBinder

Yeah, if I could be healthy without my banana dangling, that'd be great. - Puga

6 Apple slices going brown
7 When the sticker won't come off the fruit

Than just eat it like I do

8 When you either have too many dips or chips

The Absolute Worst And Even Worse Is When It's Spicy And You Don't Have Enough Soda To Cool Your Mouth Down - FettiMC

Makes me cry.

9 When the chocolate melts too quick

That's the worst! When it melts onto my fingers, I either get a napkin or lick the chocolate off. But then I have to use the chocolate wrapper to eat it or else my fingers will get dirty again.

True. - Lucy1402

10 When it spreads all over your face

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11 When a wing or leg is 80% bone

Whenever I order food, I'd might as well walk up to the front counter and ask for a heap of left over bones. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I'm also on your side because I ordered chicken wings and got chicken bones. Boneless wings are tough to find also.

This should be in the top ten. I ordered buffalo WINGS, not bufallo bones! - PizzaGuy

12 Grease
13 When you pour a bowl of cereal only to find there's no milk

Something so infuriating I made a vine about it - Puga

14 Not having enough yoghurt
15 Ice cream that melts too fast

Why is too hard and cold ice cream so high. I think melty ice cream is actually gross and not too refeshing!

16 When the cookie is too big for the milk

That happened to me before so many times, I had to break the cookie in half every single time. - Pegasister12

17 When people talk about disgusting stuff during mealtime
18 Your ice-cream is too soft
19 When meat gets stuck between your teeth

Or any food in general.

20 Squished raspberries
21 When you chew into cartilage
22 Not spicy enough

The problem is being too spicy! I try not to order spicy

What that's a good thing

23 When calamari, fries or prawns are under-salted
24 When you find a random tough bit on your ham

So annoying! My dad's friend says I waste food, but no, actually, I just throw out 80% of the steak, which is all covered in FAT. I'll be eating peacefully, when I suddenly choke on a chunk the size of Texas. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

So annoying, with any meat! I try to eat mt meat regularly, but that out of place piece... UGGH! - Turkeyasylum

25 When it's so good you can't stop eating it

I'm like this with pineapple, then the bromelain tongue kicks in... - Entranced98

Especially if it’s not even healthy. - 3DG20

26 Hair on your food

Oh god- anything but that! - Iamcool

That’s just disgusting! - 3DG20

27 When it smells good and tastes bad

I think I’m gonna end up getting a lot of hate for this but I think pancakes taste horrible but I love the smell of it. - 3DG20

28 When it smells bad and tastes good

Oh no

How am I supposed to know if I will like something I probably would when I refuse to try it because I can’t stand the smell? - 3DG20

29 When you want to see how many licks it takes to devour a tootsie pop and accidentally bite it
30 When it's so good, but it's probably not even food.
31 Cereal with dry strawberries in it
32 When a popcorn kernel gets stuck in your throat

So uncomfortable and hard to get rid of.

33 When your burger or sandwich falls apart
34 When it tastes good as a flavour in some foods, but not alone or in other foods

Exactly how I feel about peanuts. - 3DG20

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1. A hidden ingredient which you can't stomach
2. Apple slices going brown
3. Ice cream that melts too fast
1. When meat is only cooked on the outside
2. When the ice cream is too hard
3. When the banana is stringy
1. When you either have too many dips or chips
2. When the top of the Oreo won't come off
3. When the banana is stringy

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