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181 When teachers blame you for things you didn't do and you are defenseless

This always happens because Justin Bieber and The Annoying Orange exist.

This happens to me...

... While the guy next to me plays paper football and smokes in class.

182 When people want to be near you every second of the day

If you're that bored, then get a job. No one is your baby sitter. I doubt they would want to be treated like one. Besides people need space and time to themselves. Being stick with someone for such a long time seems like it could bring a headache.

I have my own bedroom, and my sister STILL finds every stupid excuse to be everywhere that I am. - LemonComputer

Go Away! I need my own private time! Just because you don't have friends leave me in peace!

So true!

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183 T.V. ads

The ads on T.V. at bottom of the screen when you are trying to watch a show. Very annoying!

Some are entertaining but repetitive playing of ads can be annoying as hell. - LightningBlade

184 Though they can't help it, people who smell like a pee diaper

Um... They can help it. My mom has incontinence and she's in her early 50s. She refuses to use pads and yells at me when I give her a ride in my car and make her sit on a towel. I don't want my car to smell like Pee... Sorry mom!

185 Parents who don't let their kids make choices

Okay so in my opinion, there are certain ages in which kids can do stuff. If they're 17 and they ask if they can sleepover at their boyfriend's house, in a way it depends on the parents because they want to make sure their daughter/son is safe and that they allow it. If you believe your teenager (maybe almost an adult) is a good person, then you should just trust them. If they're bad and you know it, don't. It depends on the child you raise to trust them to do certain things.

186 People who stare into your car whilst you're in it

There are some rules to this, 1) its okay if they glance in and walk off. 2) its not okay to just stand there and stare into your car whilst your sat there. 3) its definitely not okay to stand and do your hair in the car window whilst your car is right next to you.

My pet peeve is your over usage of whilst.

187 Conservatives

I hate conservatives

They are so annoying

You people are dumb

Seriously - GirlyAnimeLover

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188 People who act uncomfortable by introverted people

I'm an introvert..whatever that is - Adventurur2

I'm an introvert. - LordDovahkiin

189 Way too sensitive friends

You know what I mean.
-looks over my shoulder, reading a cartoon I'm drawing aloud-
"Blah blah blah blah blah..."
Teacher: Girls! The drawing has to stop, it's a distraction to you both."
Me (thinking): Oh my StarClan. This happens EVERY DAY! Do you have to invade my space and read everything you see aloud?! I guess I'll just pave my fury with a joke...
Me, jokingly: What have you done?!
-friend whimpers, feelings severely hurt- R- r- really?
Me: Um, no! Not at all! Heheh... I have to go now! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

190 That sibling who eats all the snacks

I mean I LOVE Oreos lkke forget guys it's Oreos and my 17 year old brother loves them he went and bought me a pack for my birthday and then 2 weeks later I went to eat them and he ate them all. Luckily I had a stash in my cubbert- I thought I did but no he ate those to :(

191 When there are no spoons at fancy resturants
192 Improper Use of the Word "technically"

Technically I don't know! Bye and its annoying to me! Don't be judgmental because I am my own person in my own way! Bye.. Again!

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193 Party poopers V 1 Comment
194 Overuse of the Word Awesome

Come on people find another adjective already!. I mean how many things really inspire you with awe?

This is an awesome website, this is an awesome list, and I'm writing an awesome post!

195 People who scrape their teeth with silverware while eating V 3 Comments
196 People who drink Coke

It doesn't matter what people drink, guys. And I find it highly offensive when people say only Southerners drink it. I love Pepsi, I love Coke, deal with it!

Coke is good though.

Ugh. I don't hate the people who drink it, just the war between Coke and Pepsi.

I like Coke. Pepsi is good, but I honestly think Coke is better. - LordDovahkiin

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197 When people say something and then they don't do it

I am becoming so use to this that I ignore it anymore...

Me: Mom! My Pisces ring broke! Can you fix it?!

Mom: Sure, honey. *Does nothing* - mayamanga

I hate when that happends if your not going to do it don't say it

198 When people text back a smiley face... and that's it

Ok obviosly me text was a sentence ender, if you want to keep texting then bring up another subject otherwise don't waste my time!

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199 When people don't close the cupboard doors after opening them V 2 Comments
200 McDonald's never remembering the sauce for nuggets V 1 Comment
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