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201 When people text back a smiley face... and that's it

Ok obviosly me text was a sentence ender, if you want to keep texting then bring up another subject otherwise don't waste my time!

I like that suggestion���"

202 When people don't close the cupboard doors after opening them V 2 Comments
203 McDonald's never remembering the sauce for nuggets V 1 Comment
204 Mother-in-laws who tell you how to do everything when you never asked

Just people who do this in general.
But, yes, I agree that mother-in-laws are an exception.

V 1 Comment
205 Men who pee on and around the toilet

I HATE THIS SO Much. I especially love when they don't clean it up! Just lift the dam seat! It's not hard! - railfan99

I'm a girl. Yes sometimes they might make mistakes and that's ok but when they do it a lot it is annoying - Lunala

I'm a girl but I'm sure it's not men's fault when they pee on and/or around the toilet. they stand up to pee, so it isn't very easy, people shouldn't blame them. unless they do it on purpose - Iamcool

206 When people stare at your food wanting to eat it

My dogs do it and I just give them food

There is this girl and she is ALWAYS hungry. Whenever I eat lunch by her, she stares at my food when I talk to her. I just want to throw my food at her face and say, "BITCH! THIS IS MY FOOD! GET YOUR OWN FOR GOD SAKE! "

207 When you post on their Facebook and they don't acknowledge it
208 Being subjected to others' ridiculous pet peeves

Is there anything that I can do without it being a pet peeve? I feel like everything that everyone ever does is hated by people.


How ironic. - LemonComputer

209 People who litter

Littering makes me furious! How many people have to throw garbage everywhere, even at parks?! This pisses me off!

It pisses me off even more when there is a trash can nearby!

Pure laziness
I hate seeing trash on the ground. I like a clean environment. - madoog

As someone who is passionate about the environment, I hate seeing litter on the ground. It gives me enough anger to make me want to punch something. >_<

What innocent animal would mistake the litter for food and get trapped in it? How would the animal die (Starvation or dehydration from being there for days. suffocation)? What lazy ignorant idiot felt the need to help the world get more trashed? - LemonComputer

V 1 Comment
210 People who ruin perfectly good jokes

I know someone who is the biggest offender of this in every sense of the word. I can never laugh when he's around.

Sometimes I don't get most jokes. - GirlyAnimeLover

Someone in my class said there was a "monkey" in the lion king. But the killjoy know it all says "NO his name is Rafiki he is a baboon". Ugh killjoy knowitalls. I am smart but I am not a know it all - Lunala

211 Cops who put their sirens on and then when you pull over they pass you and pull in to Dunkin Donuts..

Like seriously donuts is that important you need to put your siren on

212 Ice cream that melts into milk

Ugggh so gross. You pay for something you enjoy, the ice cream. Then it soon melts so you are wasting money and getting disappointed. Do yourself a favor and buy a better ice cream freezer so it won't melt.

213 People who stand in doorways

They're not in line, they won't go into the room and they won't wait outside. They'll just stand there and chat with their friends or stare into space and be completely oblivious to anyone who needs to get through.

I hate it so much. Especially when you ask them to move and they don't respond, and then you say it louder and they give u a dirty look. Excuse me! U were the one being rude and ignorant!

Annoying when someone needs to enter the room / Get the hell out the way! - madoog

214 People that don't say thank you when you let them pass by you in the car

No one says thank you when they pass by you in the car.

215 When your food touches

I know this might sound kind of weird but I really hate it when I have different kinds of food on my plate that are touching because then the flavors mix up and stuff and ugh

I hate this when it happens it is dumb - Lunala

I hate it too. >:( - LemonComputer

216 Top ten lists

How ironic. This is supposed to be a top ten list but your suggestion helped the list to be a 300+ list. - LemonComputer

217 When little kids tell me about my mother in COD V 1 Comment
218 Blowing nose in restaurant

This is the worse! I don't want to hear your snot and boogers coming out of your head while I'm eating! Gross as hell!

Why can't they just go to the restroom and do that where nobody will hear them? Do they even think that nobody wants to hear that while they are eating? - madoog

It's gross and embarrassing, my dad did that in shari's and I was embarrassed because I don't think people want to hear that ecspecily while their eating.


219 Misaligned window seats on airplanes

I like looking at the window because I don't mind heights as long as I feel secure. My worst fear would be a cockroach on the plane. - Lunala

When am sitting on an airplane and the window is right behind or right in front of my seat, I die a little.

220 Overuse of "at the End of the Day"

I hear this so much - it drives me crazy

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