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221 When people take a dump at a public restroom and don't flush

Yep this is nasty - Lunala

222 When people say Briar Rabbit/Fox/Bear instead of Br'er

I'm pretty sure they are animal characters from some old fable tales. - Lunala

what - LordDovahkiin

223 Someone getting in your business

Man is it not the worst when someone asks you "What was that? " when you weren't talking to them

224 Unnecessary changes V 1 Comment
225 When a friend won't leave you alone
226 Soccer moms
227 People who try to emulate others instead of being themselves

You know who you are. Stop it! - Britgirl

228 Airport security

They touch your body
I once saw a guard grope a womans breasts - Adventurur2

229 Tall students sitting on the front row in class

Once in 4th grade a kid blurted out "I can't see because of (name of some other kid)'s fat head."

I'm 4'11-5'0 so yeah. -.- - Lunala

I'm pretty short and there is this tall girl in my class who always has her hair in a high ponytail and sits in the front row all the time and when we're gonna copy something from the screen, this bitch always ends up in front of me and then I can't see anything - StayAlive

230 Rapid Fans
231 When people ball their napkin and put it on their plate
232 People who drive convertables with top down and windows up

I saw a convertible going down the freeway last week with the top down. That would not have been a bad thing except that we were having one of the worst rain storms we have had all year and their car was being flooded. I think the motor that worked the top must have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

If you can't handle the wind, don't drive a convertible!

233 Untidy clothing V 1 Comment
234 When you wait for more than 2 minutes in a(n) text/IM

If you couldn't wait for an answer CALL THEM!

I've been annoyed a lot like this before. Now, I care less about messages. - LightningBlade

235 People who say ither or nyther

Seriously? My teacher accepts the way I pronounced those. I guest Americans egos. - GirlyAnimeLover

I know. I do not like those pronunciations. They try to sound all proper. - madoog

Or they say "that's neither here nor there" compulsively.

I pronounce "neither" as "nyther." And no, it's not even a vague example of American egos. It's just how some people say it. - LordDovahkiin

V 2 Comments
236 When you let someone borrow a pen and you get it back from them all chewed up
237 Chinese Leaders

Your a rasist

238 People who are too lazy to open the public door they are to enter/exit

When there are double doors, and you approach at the same time but on opposite sides, rather than opening their own door to walk through, they stand there until you beging to open the door in front of you and they try to "slip" through. How lazy is that?

Maybe, they do not want to touch the door handle because of germs. It is annoying to arrive at a public door at the same time as someone else. I like to enter a public building without anyone close by. - madoog

239 When people don't have swag

That sounds harsh. Not everyone can have the same style. - madoog

That sounds bad... coming from you. - redhawk766

Like you

240 All caps

Your keyboard/phone doesn't just get "stuck" on CAPs lock. If you are going to express intensity through text, one exclamation point should suffice.

It sucks. Writing a FEW WORDS in caps can get a point across but if you do it a lot, it's hard to read. - Lunala

All caps is annoying and hard to read. - madoog


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