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241 People who call One Direction gay

How can half of them have girlfriends? There are FIVE of them. Does one have half of a girlfriend?

This kills me.
Just because for guys are in a band does not mean they are gay!
It's like saying if two guys roomed together they are gay!

They're obviously not gay.. Half of them have girlfriends...

Yess like come on they have had girl friends like you don't even know them so don't say anything

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242 When people stare at your food wanting to eat it

My dogs do it and I just give them food

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243 When "No problem" became response to "Thank you"
244 People driving with pets on their laps
245 Tagless shirts

I would like to know who the idiot is that thought taking the tag from the neck and moving it down to the side where the skin is more sensitive is a benefit. If you have to have why not put it in the hem or on the outside bottom away from the skin. Just my thought.

246 Person sucking his fingers to get food off. V 1 Comment
247 These Ones V 1 Comment
248 People that can't pronounce their own names correctly

Biggest example... John Boehner, who just because he doesn't want to be called BONER... The way Boehner is actually pronounced, just decides that Boe is pronounced "bay"... Which means a female deer is really a "day", and the ten things on your feet are really "tays" not toes, and you till soil with a "hay", not a hoe, your enemy is your "fay", not your foe... Etc, etc. Come on John... Pronounce your name correctly you BONER! - john8859

Just because a name has the same spelling as one that you know doesn't mean that it has the same pronounciation. - LemonComputer

249 Coughing Loudly

I know they can't help it, but if you're trying to hear something, then it's a problem

But the person generally can't help it. - LemonComputer

So annoying - madoog

250 When people try to catch an attitude over the smallest things
251 Animal Abuse

This is more than just a pet peeve, it's a blight on the face of the Earth! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

252 Motorized handicap shopping cart use

Obesity or being a minority is not a handicap!

253 Dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs V 1 Comment
254 Anime Dub Haters


255 People scraping utensils on their teeth

I never seen anyone doing it, but that seems awfully gross. - LemonComputer

Ewww! My older brother does that! I sometimes saw him scraping a fork on his teeth and he smokes, so he usually has nasty teeth - Iamcool

It's really annoying when people are eating and then all of a sudden I hear them scraping their fork or spoon on their teeth. Like first off, no one wants to hear that, second, its bad for your teeth. I don't understand why anyone would do that. And then I tell them to stop and they're like "what? " I mean seriously..come on. Whoever does that, just leave 😂

256 Yes Men
257 People who talk behind your back

I find it so rude. If the have the courage to say it at all then why don't they say it to your face!

People who type 'People who talk behind your back' instead of 'People who talk ABOUT YOU behind your back' are equally as annoying. Not everyone can be in front of you, or even speak in front of you.

Who knows? I might talk about Roblox or YouTube behind your back! Does that mean I'm bullying you or something? - LemonComputer

258 People screaming over an insect or spider

I understand that some people have phobias...but it's kinda annoying. Especially when the insect is tiny and is like 5 meters away, but the person is like "AHHH THAT INSECT IS GONNA EAT ME ALIVE! HELP! " - FireWasp2004

My brother fears every bug and 'creepy crawlie' even butterflies and moths. The amount of times he screams because he sees one is so annoying. - LemonComputer

My friends and I were practicing a music piece for choir and suddenly we hear high pitch screaming coming from the room next to us. So of course we went to investigate.

We found the 3 girls standing up on chairs while a daddy long legs walked along the floor coming towards my friends and I. Me of course being me picked up the daddy long legs and started playing with it since hey, it can't bite you since its mouth is to tiny so why be scared... in my opinion it's the cockroaches you got to look out for, those things are scary

259 Crocs
260 People who interrupt and only talk about themselves.

My brother does this a lot.

This pet peeve is my life.

Yep, yep, yep. - LemonComputer

Me: The other day, my neighbor's cat was so cute! She-
Person: Oh yeah, and by the way, the other day I was liek-
Me:... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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