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301 People bringing you food leftovers from a restaurant

I hate you people. Have you ever thought of people with low salary? You Americans are lucky because you have a family with a good salary. - GirlyAnimeLover

Like really? Thank you but no thank you that's gross.

302 When you're called a kid by your own classmate

I know. Just because we're a year or maybe just a few months younger doesn't mean I'm a kid.

303 People who wear plaid shorts

What's Wrong With You People! Can't You Tell That's Ugly

Hey, you might as well just WEAR A KILT.

304 People that sit on my kitchen cupboards
305 Bad texting etiquette

If you have a minute to go to the bathroom, you have time to respond to a text

306 Coke Drinkers V 1 Comment
307 People who use Origan for Oregon

I haven't seen this done yet, but that would make me all kinds of crazy.

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308 Loosing things

People who spell "loosing" when they mean "losing".

309 Becoming too emotional

Ever heard of highly sensitive person? - GirlyAnimeLover

310 Someone who burps and doesn't say "excuse me"

Like my younger sister. She thinks loud burps are funny so she sometimes TRY to burp as loud as possible! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

311 When your phone says message box 80% full and stays on there for like ten seconds

I get it! Now go away so I can text this person real quick and then I will delete the messages!

312 When 5 different people are talking to you at the same time

Yeah, this pretty much only happens with the people I secretly can't stand.

-Everyone crowding around me-
Friend who I give undying support to: Do you hate me?
Me: Of course not!
Friend who I hardly hang out with: We are bessst frieennnds!
Me: Yep!
Friend who says everything that's on their mind: BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Me: Yeah, haha! -can't hear myself think-
Friend who asks unanswerable questions: Why are you tall?
Me: Because those genetics were passed on to me by my parents.
Friend who I give undying support to: Why do you hate me?
Me: What? But I don't; you're awesome!
Friend who creates tons of pointless drama: Hurr durr blah blah!
Me: Umm... I have to go.. -runs away as fast as my legs can carry me- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

313 When people invite you to parties but ask you to bring something

I hate it when people invite me to parties and tell me I have to bring Food or Liquor... Why are you having a party in the first place if you ain't got drinks or food? I'm polite and I always bring something but when you tell me is a prerequisite... Thank you... But no thank you!

314 Service providers

People who have one responsibility to listen. Like a waitress who asks to take your order and you answer and they say "i am sorry I wasn't listening" please they have one responsibility...

315 Poverty
316 People who try to be cool
317 Tebow
318 People biting/chewing their nails and then spitting them out

I do this without knowing and can't help it. - Lunala

Yes that is grose but for some people it's a bad habit like for me but I control it

319 When someone leaves a minute amount of something just so they don't have to refill or replace it.
320 Adding an apostrophe to any word ending in "s"

I understand if you don't know how to properly use apostrophes (or apostrophe's, I suppose), but haven't most people learned about grammar in school? Oh, and another pet peeve of mine would be the misspelling of the word "grammar". I've often seen it spelled as "grammer", which is only used as a surname.

Such as - "Did you see the cute kitten's at the pet store? " I want to ask, "kitten's what? "

It drives me around the bend when people write "the 1960's" instead of "the 1960s". It's without an apostrophe, guys!

"We r the demon wolf's"
Average grammar of a seven year old - Lunala

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